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7TH Engineer Dive Team Army Divers Helo-Cast
The 7TH conducted their Deep Blue exercise September 2011 and did a little something extra. Did a little Helo-Casting in the Persian Gulf. This is a very cool video courtesy of RV Productions.
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7TH Engineer Dive Team Deployment Video
As the 7th Engineer Dive Team gears up to redeploy to Hawaii we take a look back at the good times we've had this year. Music By: Beats Antique "Roustabout", Stone Temple Pilots "Sex Type Thing", Killswitch Engage "My Curse", Dust Brothers "This Is Your Life", Dropkick Murphys "The Warriors Code", Elton John "Tiny Dancer"
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7th Engineer Dive Team underwater welding
In this video divers practice underwater welding in limited visibility.
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7th Engineer Dive Team Demolition
The 7th Engineer Dive Team conducts surface and underwater demolition training. Music by: Korn "Dead Bodies Everywhere"
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7th Engineer Dive Team underwater cutting
Members of the 7th Engineer Dive Team perfect their underwater cutting skills on a cast aluminum engine block. Music by Slightly Stoopid: "World goes round"
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7th Dive and Colonel Corey
The 7th Dive Shows Colonel Corey the ropes when they took him down to depth and let him see with his own eyes how Army Divers do it. HOOYAH!
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Around Oahu in 5 minutes.
My wife and i decided to take a drive around Oahu and i took time lapse photos of the drive. Enjoy!!!
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Wife Win
My wife kicks my butt...
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Europe vacation 2011
The wife and I went to Italy and France this year for my mid-tour leave, we had a blast. If you are ever in the southwest of France go to Collioure, it is the most relaxing town ever. Music by Taylor Swift: "Love Story" and Blink 182: "Miss You"
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7TH Dive Team/Kuwaiti Divers Eager Mace 2011
The 7TH Dive/Kuwaiti Dive Team performed joint underwater demolition training this year. -HOOYAH DEEP-SEA!!! Music by: ACDC "Back In Black"
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Tony is a cool guy...
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Super Safety Sunday
Army divers must learn to drive backward. Music by: Men Without Hats "Safety Dance"
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