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Immediate  Music - Serenata (choir)
Immediate Music - Serenata Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?825o2szaaoxl6nt Hope you enjoy it.
Views: 291216 SpartiuS94
Khaled ibn Alwalid 3D Animation
The Best Leader of All Ages, The Great Khalid Ibn AlWalid, Drawn Sword of Allah!
Views: 62279 SpartiuS94
Imperial Glory GamePlay - Prussia vs. France
Imperial Glory Battle in France, Prussia vs France , Prussia : 4 Hussers and 2 Dragoons (5 Stars) vs. France : 10 Imperial Guards (2 Stars and Square Ability).... enjoy ^^
Views: 158092 SpartiuS94
The Quest - Theme Fight Music
The Quest - Theme Fight Music.
Views: 43227 SpartiuS94
Praetorians Rashiduns vs Romans full x full battle
This is a video i made abt a big battle between Rashiduns and Romans, Rashiduns full Mubarizun with 5 leaders and 2 medics, and Romans full Legionaries with 5 leaders and 2 medics too, ......enjoy :-)
Views: 55676 SpartiuS94
Native American Music - Scan The Sky
Well, to tell the truth I've been looking for this song long time ago on YouTube and all my attempts were useless till i searched harder on my PC, so because i couldn't find it here i decided to share it with you guyz...hope u like it :-)
Views: 4670 SpartiuS94
صاروخ ياخونت الروسي بايدي البحرية السورية
الفيديو مأخود من "صاروخ ياخونت فخر البحرية السورية" على اليوتيوب بس الموسيقا ما اعجبتني ...فحطيت موسيقا ثانية وقمت البداية والنهاية...اتمنى يعجبكم...
Views: 121191 SpartiuS94
Praetorians - Reload Tactic
I made my starting list as a full roman and 2 EGYPTIAN medics not ROMAN medics, and i ran till my army's stamina was gone and reloaded, see the vid ^^
Views: 1394 SpartiuS94
Praetorians Map Editor Advanced Tool
well, i hope u find it use full, sry because my PC is slow, but i had to make it for a friend, it shows how to use the Advanced tool for the Praetorians Map Editor, i hope u find it use full again!!!
Views: 6579 SpartiuS94
Praetorians - Romans New Voices -- MoD-ConquerorS
This is a video i made abt the new roman voices...., but the medic is not with them.......... , i hope u like...
Views: 3458 SpartiuS94
Imperial Glory - GamePlay -- France vs. Great Britain -- Land: Argon(Spain)
Hey guys, well it's just a battle between France and Great Britain shows the English army in about 4 times of the french army, but french are on the hill with great defensive position, i hope u like it : )
Views: 4148 SpartiuS94
DJ-Boom Rap Remix!!
i dunno what's the name of this song lol, so if any1 knows the name i would like to see a post of it, hope u like... thnx for watching :-)
Views: 853 SpartiuS94
Praetorians Online Saved GamePlay Replay
This is a saved game, but it was played online before..............i hope u like it :)
Views: 1735 SpartiuS94

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