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Forbidden Planet: The great machine
this is my favorite scene from Forbidden Planet, i believe it is the best special affects scene to come out of the 1950's the great machine filled roughly 1.2 billion square feet and had the power to transmit solid matter to any location on the planet. it was also what caused the extinction of the Krell civilization. i'd love to see an MST3K episode about this film.
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DIY Revive Lithium 18650 cells
here is how to revive an undervoltaged lithium cell. if you try to charge an undervolted cell with normal charge current, most of them will short out and break. if you don't have access to a universal power supply you can use a very high resistance resistor to limit the amps going into the battery.
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The Black Hole: USS Cygnus
This is a compilation of the notable special effects in the film The Black Hole. i love this film...well atleast the first half. they started filming the movie before the script was finished so the ending could have been better but its still an awesome film. but i really like Dr. Reinhardt and wish those astronauts hadnt messed up his plans tbh either way, this film had some awesome visuals and audio!
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San Mateo Maker Faire 2016: all the interesting stuff
music by Fantomenk with express permission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL7qq6Uc2-w
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Random Bits 0084: 500th mile, homesick, regen breaking
it feels like not much has happened since my last video, but a few small things have.
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Epsom Salt in 6v Golf Cart Battery
in short, it didnt help. it seems this battery's electrolyte is already reactive enough, epsom salt would only help it if the electrolyte was weak,
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How To Organize 18650 Cells for your Battery Pack
3D file http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:834695 music: Jersey Devil
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2015 San Mateo Maker Faire: quick look
this was my first maker faire and it made a very good impression on me. music: geometry dash - ditched machine
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Random Bits 0066: job in silicon valley
i got a nice job in silicon valley, and got some Zelda stuff too.
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FEIT Electric "The Original" 1880s Edison Light Bulb replica
at first it doesnt look vintage and just looks oddly shaped, but the more i see it the more i'm reminded how old it looks. music from FInal Fantasy XIV
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DIY Rechargible Copper Zinc Battery with Epsom Salt
today i was in my shed and saw the Voltaic Pile i'd made when i was 8-9 and wondered if that battery chemistry was rechargeable or if i could make it rechargeable by changing the electrolyte. simple answer is yes. a Voltaic Pile doesnt actually work too well with a sodium chloride electrolyte. upon charging and discharging the plates corrode a lot. whereas with an epsom salt solution it only corrodes the plates minimally then by applying a charge you can reverse the reaction on the plates. each charge/discharge cycle does create a small amount of Copper Hydroxide witch falls to the bottom of the cell but it is such a small amount that i could prolly get many cycles from this battery before the plates fully corroded. this cell's terminal voltage is about 0.8v after sitting for a while and has about 7mah of capacity. it would be interesting to experiment with this battery chemistry more if only it would supply more amps and a higher terminal voltage. the song is "Lung Bubbles" by Professor Kliq. video still didn't come out how i wanted but fuck it i'm not spending another 8 hours on it haha.
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Random Bits 0027: quit Mcdonalds, Full-time Youtube
i dont like putting two random bits together without a differant video between them, but oh well. now i can spend more time working on my projects and not getting flustered by the thought of the weekend coming up and having to go to mcdonalds.
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DIY 290MPH (470KPH) Ping Pong Ball Vacuum Cannon
this was a very very very fun build. maybe i'll try golf balls next....and someday real cannon balls. i never knew about this until Adam Savage built one on Mythbusters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBY3Z4F0dxk i'm going to work on it more and try to get it supersonic. and i will prolly make another video just firing it at things and getting cool camera angles. in this video i was too focused on getting it to work so i didnt get the best video angles.
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Random Bits 0039: every tool i use
today i try to show every tool i use for my channel's taxes, or atleast most. i know i forgot some. but now i don't have to go back and say what video they where in. i can say they where atleast in this video!
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E-Bike winter test
Previous E-bike Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e_gj4dASl0 Next E-bike Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYXreeuv3Jw well electric bicycles work best in the spring and summer but not winter. i also need to finally build my steady-cam.
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50,000 subscribers
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Random Bits 0029: town-wide yardsale
i'm having issues with this camera so had to cut several things out. oh well. if anyone near illinois wants an old radio. i'd trade for scrap metal.
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15 year old 18650 lithium cells from 1999
so i finally came across some rather old cells that are still working.
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Restoring Antique Doorknobs and Mortise Lock Mechanism
music 1: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 music 2: Jersey Devil
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Super Capacitor Amp-Hours?
today i test the AH rating of my 2.7v 400F capacitors. they only cost 5$ each from china so am tempted to buy more. they have proven to have much more capacity than i expected. when i got them in July i just played with them and set them on the shelf and forgot about them, i originally bought them to build a spot welder to put tabs onto 18650 cells. song is from Vectorman for Sega Genesis
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DIY Electric Lawn Tractor part 8: adjustable tool mount
in this video i got the parts tacked together for the adjustable tool mount on my lawn tractor.
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Inbox 0001: gold ore, mining light, and graphite from AvE
me and Arduinoversusevil traded some items and wow i feel like i got too good of a deal. he traded me a lot of nice things compared to what i gave him. so to repay him i'll give him an extensive shout-out. https://www.youtube.com/user/arduinoversusevil
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DIY: 48v 24ah lithium ion 18650 e-bike battery pack
Previous E-Bike video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1J8t7Vipe2c Next E-Bike video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e_gj4dASl0 schematic of my bicycle battery http://i1199.photobucket.com/albums/aa475/rinoa-heartilly/Astrolabe/battery35ah4.png here's a video showing how i made half of my new battery. the battery pack i built is 24v 35ah and i will built a second one to run with it. its just building two would be boring in this video and delay it even longer. if your looking for laptop battery packs to go to ebay and search "laptop batteries" then go for "buy it now" so you can buy like 15 packs at a time. organize the search for lowest price/shipping. and ebay even has an option to limit the search to how many cell are in the packs. and you should be able to find packs that are about 1$ - 1.5$ per cell. thanks for watching, this was a very rewarding project.especially going 30 MPH up those hills. i feel sorry for my battery on that test though haha. i'll be doing a distance test video soon, and then another when i get my 2nd battery block done. the battery should already be big enough for me to drive between towns instead of just in town. the song is from Rocket Power Beach Bandits for the playstation 2.
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Solar Sunday 002: step-down converter instead of MPPT
http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-DC-DC-Step-down-power-supply-Converter-with-case-3-5-30V-to-0-8-29V-10A-MAX-/221504147723?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3392ad110b i think that's the converter i bought.
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1984 Macintosh 128k restoration part 2: lubricate 400k floppy drive
the final step of this restoration goes pretty well.
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Do Desulfators Restore Amp-Hours? Lead Acid Battery experiment
so i left my desulfator connected to this Trojan T-105 golf cart battery for 2 months and it seems to have no effects. previous video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngfeqY1Z5ZE the discharge results in that video where 52.9 AH the results in this video where 53.5 AH. the differance is just the normal variations between charges. so this does confirm my suspicion that desulfators might not do much, but it needs several more in-depth tests to show for sure. after all the desulfator i got was cheep and it arrived broken so i had to fix it. music: Gremlins 2 on the Nintendo Entertainment System
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Random Bits 0216: Saving 1909 Hardwood 5" Flooring from dumpster, with bicycle
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/RinoaSG I can be contacted at https://twitter.com/RinoaSG
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WALL•E 2007 teaser video easter egg from "Ratatouille" on Playstation 2
i couldnt find this anywhere on the internet, so its my duty to preserve it and share it for anybody who may want to see it. of course i'm not going to be monetizing this video since its not mine.
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DIY Youtube: Are Video Categories Relevant?
in this video i tweak the video categories on my videos. next up is weather the tags matter much. i've forgotten to add tags to any of my videos since April.
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DIY: Balance Charging E-Bike lithium battery upgrade
Next E-bike Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nopLHw-ifY8 Previous DIY E-Bike video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-VLdE6RxYQ schematic of my bicycle battery http://i1199.photobucket.com/albums/aa475/rinoa-heartilly/Astrolabe/battery35ah4.png so now i finally got the balance leads on my bike battery pack installed. it worked out perfectly. the charger i used is an Imax B6 for 30$ on ebay, and the charger will work perfectly with my off-grid shed system since it will accept 12v. music: "Pirate Ship" from Legend of Zelda Wind Waker.
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great deal on ebay 18650 cells
somebody flooded the ebay market with several thousand battery packs. i plan on buying a few and seeing what quality they are. i would recommend buying only 1 or so first. check them, then buy the rest that you need if they turn out good quality. i may even buy some and then build them into cheep battery packs. then sell them worldwide on ebay :D
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Quickly Clean Battery Terminals with Baking Soda
just a handful of baking soda in a liter container of water. if it fizzes, its not done being washed!
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Inbox 0008: LEDs
today i finally open a package from Aaron, and get ready to send Raymond his package.
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Repair 1952 Toaster Sunbeam T-20B
these past 2 days i have restored my new 1952 sunbeam T-20b toaster that i got for 2$. i learned a lot about how automatic toasters work and also about removing paint with acetone.
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Does Epsom Salt Revive a Battery?
results Epsom Salt raises voltage. this can help to stop sulfation. Epsom salt raises conductivity and increases the amps a battery can provide. Epsom salt does not desulfate a battery over a short time period. Epsom salt does not increase AH/capacity over a short time period. and lastly Epsom salt seems to give the battery an overcharge capability. this is far more evident in my video "DIY opening a car battery and repairing with epsom salt" when i discover the battery goes from 11v to over 12v after i short out the terminals. in other words charging and discharging the battery quickly within a short amount of time seems to raise capacity temporarily.
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Apple Lisa Restoration part 1: melted rubber and external hard drive
Today i finally start work on my Apple Lisa restoration project, i found isopropyl alcahol clears up the melted rubber very efficiently and am going to be working on the power supply of the hard drive unit in the next video.
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Free Graphite and MnO2 from old Batteries
music: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2
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