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Cryptocurrencies, Government and Tax Collection. Let's Talk.

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Over the past few days, the headlines have been dominated by the Paradise papers fiasco. An example of the super rich using the resources available to them in order to avoid paying very large amounts of taxes. With the advent of cryptocurrencies, especially privacy coins like Monero and Dash, the "little guy" will soon be able to avoid paying taxes as well. This might have a significant impact on the Government's ability to collect tax revenue. What shall we do about this? Is this a good thing? Do we need to modify our tax laws? Let's have this conversation. DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make. DONATIONS ♥ ETH: 0xc12f59c4e23dccd369437bbdb09470879d8c0825 ♥ BTC: 1L2LswVmTobmEK8dy6Yw9nWx93Z1zZ1jb3 ♥ LTC: LRXk5EwrR6VJYJcLYZLNY5B1uhoiUchtF5 ♥ Dash: XyAPcaHdZJKuXiruHkAXkKgCMWHfaPFVgc ♥ ETC: 0x3bec3f9e112e719330d1732d60b02724b1b5a76c ♥ ZEC: t1gGY496794uEC4dTPiXitU8nYgXGLm78HH ♥ DGE: DFoVXJTiGKXTPUeztrpmYEWaHtXrBK452y ESSENTIAL CRYPTO RESOURCES ♦ Recommended place to buy Bitcoin/Ethereum: COINBASE - Sign up here: https://www.coinbase.com/join/58977243c1604b62321378df ♦ Recommended Wallet: LEDGER NANO S - Available here: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/3c47 ♦ Recommended Exchange: (TBA) SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS ● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LouisThomasChannel/ ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/LouisThomasYT ● Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/louisthomaschannel/ ● Snapchat: louisxthomas ● Steemit: https://steemit.com/@louisthomas CHANNEL RESOURCES ■ My Book: How to Choose a University Available here: http://tinyurl.com/y87e2ce6 ■ Camera: Nikon D5100 (old but affordable) Available here: http://tinyurl.com/y9cslp2u ■ Microphone: RODE VideoMic GO Available here: http://tinyurl.com/y9rceoer ■ Tripod: Polaroid 184cm Available here: http://tinyurl.com/yarefpr9 Panama Hat No Voice by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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Text Comments (179)
Louis Thomas (1 year ago)
The Milton Friedman video I was talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onn34J74dnU
Steven Ramirez (1 year ago)
yeah, that should be the people using those services. also charity.
Plains of Dura (1 year ago)
healthcare and education is not free, someone is paying for it.
LFOD7491 (1 year ago)
Taxes based on income, property, estates or capital gains amount to a crime against humanity. We should pay taxes on what we consume from the economy and not on what we contribute to the economy.. We CAN have financial privacy and allow government to collect transaction taxes.
HoroScope Predictor (7 months ago)
I believe crypto currency will keep on witnessing downfall in near future. It is not so easy to talk about this so rapidly growing area. I am new to this field and https://allcoinspredictor.com/blog/ helping me a lot to get insight about crypto currency. Please suggest me some good links as well.
Wit Olifant (9 months ago)
We all agree that slavery was immoral, right? Slavery is forcing someone to work for free. What are tax payers then ? Partial slaves to others? Up to 50% of your "work" is distributed by force to others. VAT , IMPORT DUTIES, INCOME TAX, GAIN TAX, FUEL LEVY, PROPERTY TAX etc. The correct use of Crypto will enable the fall of government and stop this communistic Sh*t. You can privatize, emergency, security and all government services including the legal system. The legal system is the most tricky but I would run according to Sefan Moleneux book - Human preferable behavior and the non violence principle. Or the bible - don`t do to others you don`t want done to you. It could be enforced by the community and private security. The community can banish perpetrators from the area/town/city. The problem with collective land is - who gets what? Some land is more valuable and what happens to the current owners who legitimately paid for it with their useful altered energy(value)? Unpack value and everything about humanity becomes clear. Why do we do what we do? Energy=Matter=Resource=Energy=Useful Altered Energy=Value “Everything is relative” What is value? It is altered energy useful to a human/s. I say this because the universe consists of energy (matter) and some of it (resources) is useful to us. As soon as something(energy) is useful to yourself, or to one or more other humans, it has value. Humans uniquely have the ability to consciously alter energy (food) into value like useful ideas, strategies, philosophies and labor. (Anything useful has value) Because – Universe = Energy (E=mc2 — Theory of relativity) Energy = Matter = Resource Useful resource = Value = Useful altered energy Useful altered energy = useful labor/idea/plan = Value Value = Money/useful resource Money = Stored Value = Useful recourse Wealth = Accumulated stored value. This concludes that all useful altered energy = Value. (Nature and man) When individuals are unable or unwilling to alter their energy into something useful, the dark side of humanity surfaces. That is why lower IQ individuals are lazy, hang around and get involved in gossip, crime and even murder and justifies it. It all stems from wanting what others have – jealousy ( I am not saying all low IQ individuals) They are unable/unwilling to add value even to themselves. Higher IQ individuals don`t care what or who anybody says or thinks about them. They just want to be left alone and do their thing. That`s why high IQ individuals support free speech, property rights and self-determination. (I am not saying that all higher IQ individuals don`t get involved in gossip, crime etc.) Individuals with similar interests/intelligence(Values) seem to form communities autonomously. Rich neighborhoods have a higher average IQ than middle class neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods lower than middle-class. If I am wrong about this let me know
Johnny Cash (1 year ago)
Hey Louis. There is no such thing as free healthcare. If we eliminate gov healthcare the cost of healthcare would be much much cheaper.
Bra bra (1 year ago)
Louis, I recognize the importance of a community centered on common values and objectives, like school for everybody, but my point is: let's use crypto to rebuild the government.
Adeccco (1 year ago)
I do find the 'land value tax' an interesting idea, but I do not think is sufficient. And I do not think it's fair that a poor person living on a large piece of land (or a larger house) has to pay more taxes than a rich person living on a small piece of land. That's why it cannot be the only form of taxation.Taxation based on income is actually more fair. But the maker of the video raises an interesting question whether the current model can me maintained in a world were evading taxes is so easy. Pollution taxes (on energy, CO²) night also be a needed. And income tax probably will exist, bases on the honesty of people (based on tax return) and 'life style'. To be honest I find the 'taxation is theft' comments a bit to simplistic. Most governments in the western world work on democratic bases, so if the government taxes money it's actually a decision made by society. By society for society would be a good way to describe it. Crypto-anarchist forget that they're world-view is also nothing more than a political vision (an anti-social and selfish vision IMHO). If you don't like how you're government is spending taxes there is a solution for that: vote. Simple as that. I do not believe for a second in 'voluntary taxes'. If taxes are not mandatory only a small fraction will pay them. Take pensions and retirement infrastructure, how on earth would you pay for that without a welfare state? Or education, it's true education is not free. But that doesn't mean all the cost should fall on those which currently use the schools. A person without kids also indirectly benefiting from education of the children of society. It's fair that everybody pays, not just the parents. Socialism is not about 'free things'. It's about a fair distribution who pays. A society without a welfare state is a society where rich people got more chances than poor people, that's an inherently unfair system. So 'taxation is theft' remarks are simply short sighted. Taxation lies in democracy. Majority rule. That's always the fairest system, even if you believe in a small-goverment state. I begin to believe that most crypto-anarchist are acutely rejecting democracy. How selfish is that!? And I do believe crypto-anarchist are digging there own grave. Cryptocurrencies will cause for less liberties in the future as governments, out of necessity, will have to monitor the internet more closely (to catch tax avoiders). Tax evasion will result in a police state.
Gary Cameron (1 year ago)
Jeeso Louis 70k followers you have came a long way mate, congrats 👍
Louis Thomas (1 year ago)
Cheers Gary!
N. S. (1 year ago)
I am not paying tax so that the govt can send military to shoot ppl in countries they want oil from. fuck off if youre brainwashed enough to support this. crypto is the revolution we've been waiting for, dont let this chance to change the system pass you by.
dolo gore (1 year ago)
Free education and free healthcare are only free for those who do not contribute, I would estimate that the average hard working honest law abiding citizen pays around 75% of their earnings in tax and deductions, not just income tax, there is tax on multi levels so its not Free at all..........and there is no safety net nor are cryptos recognised as currency or can be measured I am 55 and have been to the doctors a handful of times, never called a fire engine, have called the police I think twice who are pretty useless.........and have funded wars which I was opposed to...........so all in all not such a great deal
G Rov (1 year ago)
I wonder how will government (try) to fix this GREAT PROBLEM ....(?)
Big Ben (1 year ago)
I agree we need some sort of tax system to pay for the NHS, social housing and provide an infrastructure for us to live our day to day lives. We don't need taxes for big military, nuclear weapons, subsidising the elite and invading other countries.
Kryptonite (1 year ago)
all the people bitching about the government have never truly lived in a government-free "utopia"
Mark Freeman (1 year ago)
It makes zero sense to even consider that tax should be paid on crypto when the whole point of it is to liberate money from the monopolistic control of the centrally planned state. Especially given that most people dont even consider crypto to be real money. What so now do we have to pay tax on our monopoly board game winnings? There are 100 ways we are taxed. Taxes are or at least should be a punishment for doing something wrong.
adam pospisil (1 year ago)
Why dont they just keep all the taxes the same as they are now and just dont tax crypto? Because surely once we withdraw for fiat and purchase something it will contribute to tax revenue? Or if we chose to pay via crypto selling firms have to legally log it as crypto transaction thus they impose "crypto tax" when using crypto thus it will cost more if you pay with crypto?
adam pospisil (1 year ago)
I know this may be completely dumb I am only 18 so i got no clue ahahaha
Timothy Beatty (1 year ago)
Taxation has become so corrupt. A small fraction is ever used for what we have been told.
Hedgerow (1 year ago)
The NHS is a sacred cow, which sadly enough, must be destroyed. A free market would perform better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoVb3DX85LA
Hedgerow (1 year ago)
Only Stockholm-syndrome suffering, servile statist slaves resent it when others protect their income. State education is an oxymoron.
Peter Parker (1 year ago)
Algorithmic cryptography will NEVER be '100% secure'. More power = less privacy. It requires quantum sensors, random chemical elements & spectrum analyzers. Quantum = 1 mistake kills, Chemicals = secret blends, Spectrum = "Lux et veritas." Eletromagnetic signatures, at certain rates, at predictable times (if blends known).
Simulation Alex (1 year ago)
It isn't really honest speech to call things like socialized healthcare or education free because it is only free for those who don't pay taxes. Those things are very expensive for people who pay a lot of taxes. But anyway, Martin Armstrong has the solution of getting rid of taxes by just having the government fund itself by increasing the money supply, which it does anyway but as debt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kjNmhPFlzQ
Ryan Stark (1 year ago)
If you are in the UK. HSBC Bank UK are now blocking transactions to crypto currency exchanges. Just a straight forward transfer attempt with no obvious signs of any fraud or any such like thing will be flagged and blocked.
BLIX5445 (1 year ago)
The government here in the United States has classified crypto currency as a a ponzi scheme and is therefore illegitimate in their view. Why should they be entitled to collect slave dues from us when they don't even recognize the very thing they're taxing as money? That's like berating someone for being stupid, and then asking them for advice.
sirus312 (1 year ago)
Actual money isn't in the caymen islands.....Its normally just a legal document saying you are tax exempt. The money could be right in the U.S. at any bank lol... good lawyers/tax accountants take care of this.
Trunks9000 (1 year ago)
Interesting stuff
El Presidente (1 year ago)
I work abroad in an oil rich  country where there is no income tax... there is no public transport, roads are over crowded, cities are crumbling, and on the few days a year it rains flooding is commonplace. Gas guzzling shiny new 4x4s are everywhere and no-one bats an eyelid when a ferrari passes by. When I go home I see the difference taxes make. If I ever get filthy rich from crypto, I will happily pay my taxes on it be it cap gains or income, but I will take advantage of every tax efficiency loop hole I can until the government close them. Tax avoidance = Hookers and Lambos in Fuengirola. Tax evasion = 5-10 in Feltham
scousebusters1989 (1 year ago)
Louis, don't take this personally but I am finding the more videos you produce the flakier the content. Let's just get one thing straight, until cryptocurrencies are an accepted medium of exchange they will not even be a pinprick on the government coffers in terms of tax take. They will not be adopted by the masses until people can see that they actually behave like currencies rather than investments on steroids. Here is a thought for you, Pension Freedoms which where brought in by George Osbourne have already brought in an additional £2.6bn in taxes over and above what the government receives through normal taxation. How much do you think has been lost by people holding cryptocurrencies and not disclosing any crystallisation of profits? Regardless if you are from living off modest means, then all of a sudden deposit a few hundred thousand pounds into your bank account, watch all sorts of Money Laundering alarm bells ringing. You need to use GBP to buy everyday staples so you can't keep your investments indefinitely and indeed you might decide that it is a good time to realise gains to pay for some more expensive life moments eg buying a property. So when your bank ask you where this money has come from, don't be surprised to see HMRC knocking on your doorstep. For you personally Louis, if you have not either set up a Limited company or declared yourself as self employed with HMRC then just running this youtube channel is a law breaking exercise. Needless to say, you would be the last person I expect to evade paying tax but just bear that in mind. Any profits on the realisation of cryptocurrencies are subject to Capital Gains Tax in the UK, I have mentioned this to you before. If people think they can get away with paying their tax bills by holding currency in a decentralised form then not only are they deluded they are pretty stupid with it. Suggesting so in a video is poor in my opinion especially as you don't have a handle on your obligations as a business owner(or at least you didn't before). It's beyond me the utopia that crypto geeks live in, the reality is that it doesn't exist.
Cristian R (1 year ago)
I Feel that the government should not have that type of power of taking our taxes and deciding what it gets spent on. We as a county will fund projects that we agree with not giving the government money just so they can spend money on wars that no one wanted and giving billion to foreign county for example 38 billion to Israel and leaving people in flint Michigan without clean water those fucking pricks. FEDERAL TAXES IS FRAUD
Adeccco (1 year ago)
You can vote. So what's the problem? People forget that the government is not a alien institution, the government is you, me, all of us (at least in democratic states).
shiny x (1 year ago)
Most people with regular jobs have taxes taken out of their paycheck automatically, and their payroll is reported to the government. Regular brokerage houses also report to the government. Real estate transactions are public record. So outside of direct peer to peer transactions, the government will still have data on most transactions. Any business that wants to be seen as "legitimate" is going to continue to cooperate with the government, so any money you receive or use in that system will be known to them. So yes it will be increasingly easier to evade taxes, and it will gradually create a larger black or gray market, but that's not enough to defund government, at least not for a long time. Unless the system collapses or something else causes the rapid adoption of cryptocurrency, so far the actual adoption rates of crypto are dismally small. But if we are talking further out in the future, I am interested in how we can make government a voluntary transaction through DAOs. Let's say you could voluntarily join a DAO that you agreed to pay a percentage of your income to in return for receiving benefits. As part of joining, you would authorize it in some way to see your income and pledge a certain amount of it through a smart contract. People who like smaller government could join a more bare-bones DAO, people who want to pay more and get more could join a larger one. Maybe there would be some portion that would go to your local DAO in exchange for living in a local area, to pay for things like roads or sewers. There are so many more options for governance than what we have now. But the real dream would be a Star Trek world where money isn't necessary because everything is so abundant that there is no reason for it to exist. This is the resource-based economy idea.
Ben Hutchins (1 year ago)
Best thing about being British = the NHS!
Dano D Mano (1 year ago)
What do you think about this video explaining the IOTA supply?  https://youtu.be/y7JPQng-Vjc Basically the supply is 2.8 million GIOTA. Which means the supply is similar to bitcoin. Which would mean if IOTA was worth the same as bitcoin today, one GIOTA would be worth around 45 thousand dollars. One GIOTA now is worth around 500 USD. I just wanted your opinion on this.
Ritz Engineering GmbH (1 year ago)
If we want that Crypto is accepted more in the daily life, then taxes are part of this and the wallets must have a tax report added. I‘m an entrepreneur and i do not want to have too much handwork collecting my transactions and end-of-year statement of the wallet as an excel export. This are the min.features. If you are private, you might think different. But sure, you use your country’s infrastructure and institutions however, must be paid by taxes. If we want a better acceptance of Crypto by the government we have to pay taxes.
Alex Wu (1 year ago)
What is so difficult to understand? If I want to buy your merchandise, why would I want to use a method that will get me double taxed rather than just use cash?
Ritz Engineering GmbH (1 year ago)
Sorry, i didn't understand your english. I didn't get it, also Google Translator not, what you want to say?!
Alex Wu (1 year ago)
Why do you think people will want to spend crypto over cash if it costs more to buy things with crypto as you have to pay tax on the merchandise as well as cap gain on crypto?
QuestofMiren (1 year ago)
Dude you really need a new microphone!
Derek Lemoine (1 year ago)
louie da man
Lorenzo van Aggelen (1 year ago)
For weeks i was wondering about the affect crypto currencies would have on our tax system. I appreciate the video ,there should definitely be more attention to this problem. Off course I think there is lots and lots of tax money wasted by governments around the world. Although there are some fundamental things realised by tax money. Things like a healthcare system, infrastructure, crucial subsidised social programs, education, refugees, and care for people that lost there job or are unable to work. If there wouldn't be a controlled way of preserving money for these kind of things, things will start to get nasty. The whole society will be suffering from this and the overall standard of living will be touched in negative way. I was thinking about a solution, which in my opinion could only be a global one. The fact that crypto currencies are a global thing, and the factor of privacy makes it almost impossible for a country to be able to raise any kind of tax over spendings and income in crypto (not trading). Therefore the only solution would be a worldwide % of each purchase and a standard % of income trough work( Again not talking about trading cryptocurrencies). All the collected money should be divided by country. A quit simple way is to look at the amount of people and the overall worth of the economy ?(not sure about this). Overall a very interesting subject, would be nice to here some thoughts about this. Note: Native Dutch so I hope everyone understands ! Enjoy your weekend :)
Angelo Jamaica (1 year ago)
They are not avoiding to pay the taxes, they are functioning under the maritime law which all nations abide by under the Uniform Commercial Code which overrides ever constitution of every country by contracting AKA Commerce. Prove me wrong! I have no use for the Maritime courts and its officers of those courts known as attorneys. The enitiation of the Bar Exam. Hellloooooooo.
Angelo Jamaica (1 year ago)
Do governments collect taxes or a private collection agency, not affiliated with the government, for the interest payments on the currency the government uses so it can exceed the budget limits? I am open for debate. Please also show me a law in the US where it states you have to pay taxes? Lets eliminate the use of the UCC for that purpose ucc 1-308 exists. I also understand the use of contracting by deception, which by contracting eliminates your rights under the privileges under the contract ( Commercial Jurisdiction) which the people are unknowingly subjected to by signing their rights away by deception. 99 % and it might even be more, that they do not realize that when they go to court it falls under the commercial jurisdiction. Give it your best shot and lets parle'. Now let us all keep in mind that the attorneys and prosecutors are officers to the court and have no interest in your legal situation. There first rule of law is to the court that they reside in. End of story.
LFOD7491 (1 year ago)
No need to lose education for everyone. We just need to get government out of it.
MineAllDayAllNight (1 year ago)
Without government how we going to have publicly funded education?
Dry Dessert (1 year ago)
We need citizens who are conscious enough to want to pay got the common good. That does not work with an education system that systematically discourages self-reliance and critical thinking. And it does not work with the monetary policy of scarcity and accumulation of wealth on top of the pyramid (insinuating that our economic system is a pyramid scheme). The bottom line: Citizens must be free agents, the state has to let go of control. Politicians won't like that but with crypto currencies, they may have to, eventually. Of course, if you look at German history (very often in history, things got really bad in Germany in particular), there was a democracy movement in 1848. That didn't only fail, but what happened afterwards eventually resulted in the first World War, then Hitler and the second World War. After that, we got democracy in Germany – about a hundred years later.
Dry Dessert (1 year ago)
These 'revelations' by 'journalists' look like a campaign to eliminate competition for the only tax haven where grey money is safe: The USA (Delaware for example). Like the Panama papers the information was published by German Sueddeutsche newspaper. Look at the organization Sueddeutsche received this information from and who funds this organization.
HomerJSimpson96 (1 year ago)
What do you mean by that?
Oliver HOLMES (1 year ago)
We need a new system. Instead of taxation we should create a donation system. 25% percent of your yearly income must be donated to a project of our choice. schools,public transportation, ect ect. The ideal system will be no taxes what so ever. One company like apple or samsung takes care of the country infrastructure.
Oliver HOLMES (1 year ago)
the donation will give you access to healthcare and other advantages. instead of being force. We just need a new system in a new country
Luke William (1 year ago)
If anything, crypto technology has shown us that a pure free market with zero government can work, and work well. Crypto technology is showing us that governments are irrelevant.
Tom Perkin (1 year ago)
Hi Louis, The bitcoin crash is coming... Today, bitcoin down over 1K USD since there's no point in the long hold after the X2 cancellation. Bitcoin cash has exploded as a result, up 70% 2 days in a row. People understand that BTC is vastly over valued, shot up too fast. So, I know you're in for the long haul, but take just 10% of your holding in BTC and take the profit. Wait for the crash and buy back in at 50% of its current value.
Stephen Faryma (1 year ago)
Hey If you can comprehend how corrupt the UK is from top to bottom you can understand how the working man has no interest in having the old school tie politicians dictating on how there money is spent. The truth is surfacing slowly and the average man is ready to stand up and call the scum of Westminster out. Our system is about to change from the debt backed system to the truth machine that is blockchain technology. A small amount of vital services will be maintained for our well being but government as we know it will no longer be able to abuse there citizens. Google, amazon,facebook - the un taxables Do as i say not as i do, The british government !!!
Archie S (1 year ago)
I used to be an advocate for a well funded state- but when I learned how are taxes fund wars,and all the corruption and false flags (like 9/11)I quickly realised the system is completely broken. The tax system and the whole apparatus needs to be overhauled, but then again when you learn who is REALLY in charge- the bankers and above them not the politicians, its obvious we need a democratising force like crypto to sidestep the criminals- because that is what they are- they extort the public, the "benefits" they offer are almost worthless at this stage
N. S. (1 year ago)
Tim Lester (1 year ago)
I'm a Ancap. Education/Law/Healthcare/etc won't ever disappear as people want them but will be offered voluntary without coercion(taxation). A crypto world will be more prosperous as better/fairer allocation of value so private charity/social insurance will be larger also. A land tax is far better than the current system as it encourages people to continue to create more value for others unlike progressive income tax. Milton has a great series called "Free to Choose" in Google and Arnie does the 1980s version intro if you want to see how the poor will be better off.
noodlesdoctor (1 year ago)
With the Ancient Roman empire at its height citizens paid 1% tax. Yes that's right 1% for roads, bridges, public buildings, standing army. So now tell me why we should pay tax on cryptos?
DKMphotography co uk (1 year ago)
And last time I checked, Yep... The Roman Empire collapsed?!
A Lag (1 year ago)
eh, so let's go back to slave labour as a basis for our economy? And let's not forget plundering our neighbouring countries and carry off their wealth... Put a mafia like family in charge and give them direct control of an army of hired guns? And only have limited voting rights for less then 15% of the population? Not sure about your ideas...
noodlesdoctor (1 year ago)
Why should I pay tax on my cryptos? I've bought them with my hard earned (and already taxed money).Why should I pay tax twice?
Richard Wagner (1 year ago)
this is the fucking worst. People trading cryptos are basicly trading money between eachother but oh wait the government needs to be involved in that too. Fucking thieves wanting to double or tripple tax everything, basicly giving you fees on life every step you make
Ka Eb (1 year ago)
What we have now is capitalism in its final stage! free health care? health care should be free right! Not a business not of private companies which are just interested in maximising their profits... do You really not know how poisened the whole economy ja the whole system is? the western countries are just better in hiding or let me say argumentation and acting to let it look different! Speak to some honest Medizin students the knowledge is sponsored of private companies lllnesses are and will become more and more just f.e. worth to fight when there is more money to be made and f.e. many people have it... everything is always made under the main goal maxprofit- health care is not free it's a profit maker. This system or what we have no have to crash so that there is a chance of rebuild a free society with maybe bitcoin (or any other decentral open ledger) as main currency und public open ledgers which control the use of taxes and to vote and so on but not paying taxes to feed the dark side. Some things are good and necessary sure but remember keep in mind you pay taxes with everything you buy anyways no matter what! Cheers
Richard France (1 year ago)
I know this will be unpopular but.... not all taxation is plain theft. We need a certain amount of tax for our fire services, police forces, to flush away and deal with our poop/sewage. The point is.... to keep our countries functioning the way we want them to in the 21st century we need a LITTLE bit of taxation. The problem is.... these politicians are greedy and want to tax us for absolutely everything (UK). We sell our personal possessions.... capital gains tax. We drive our car and pay road tax but in order to use it we are forced to buy petrol from their pumps instead of using alternatives (red diesel or chip fat) for tax purposes. We book a room in a hotel for the night.... lo and behold since the hotel room has a bed in it... the hotel automatically adds 'bed tax'. i definitely think government officials of this world do line their own pockets at our expense and abuse their position relating to tax. They waste a lot of money IMO and need to budget themselves better. I definitely see a need for currencies as a store of value that is inaccessible to any central authority. Isn't the money everyone pays from their jobs enough? How do we sort this problem? An Idea of mine would be to make it illegal for employees to be paid in crypto-currency (so they get what is required for society) and at the same time leaving all crypto exchange free from any form of taxation. I personally like that idea but It will never ever be implemented (well the first bit might be without the second).
John Stibal (1 year ago)
I agree with you that some form of government is necessary. It is interesting to think about how technology (AI, Internet, Blockchain, more advanced medicine, and so on) can change government. Blockchain and decentralization inspire the imagination and I wonder now how much government could be changed? Would more decentralized, algorithmic services be better than political and bureaucratic services? I think one lesson from technology is that political parties and bureaucracy is clearly not necessary to accomplish highly effective social programs - google is a great example. I do not think that any of the old world models of capitalism, socialism and communism work in their purest forms and that a government solution based on a results driven technology would be far more efficient and effective. In other words, as we advance, we need to make major adjustments to improve the quality of life etc in a meaningful and non political way.
Allen Allen (1 year ago)
Taxation without representation that is not what I call government
shuang guo (1 year ago)
Good thoughts, govs could also issue cryptocurrency with a limited inflation to compete with current crypto, free market will determine if they are viable or not.
Nelson Perez (1 year ago)
And following the line of my first comment, even your beloved education and health care system can turn into a complete and utter garbage a few election cycles from now. And then what do you do? keep rewarding incompetent people with your hard-earned money because "it is your duty as a citizen"? You must realize that if there is no opt-out of the system then you're basically giving the people in charge a free check. So how about this? what if only people who pay taxes get to vote, or get to have free health care. If you don't want to contribute, sure no problem, but since it is not your money the one being spent, then you shouldn't have a say or make use of its benefits for free. I understand this cannot be applied to everything, but it definitely could work for some things. And it's just an idea actually derived from how a PoS or DPoS systems work. Only the most invested in it get to decide how the rules get changed, and of course you're always free to sell everything and be cut off the voting process if you don't like the direction things are taking.
Nelson Perez (1 year ago)
Taxation is theft. Let's just move that out of the way from the get go. You can argue however you like that the system we currently have would not be sustainable without taxes, but that doesn't address the very basic FACT that whenever you take someone's property without consent that constitutes a form of misappropriation. Even if I give you a service in exchange, the fact that the service was FORCED upon me is morally wrong. And don't even get me started about what happens when you're not happy with the service provided. You simply CANNOT opt out. Things must be really smooth and shiny where you live, but try to take a tour around South America and assess the quality level of the public services we're offered around here and I'm sure you wouldn't be that happy with taxes and government. But you know what? I also don't know how exactly a system that doesn't rely on taxes would work. Especially regarding very basic services like military and police. But guess what? There was a time when that same argument was made in order to defend the use of slaves. That the economy would crumble because businesses would not be profitable anymore and that society as a whole would be worse off if it were not for the use of some kind of slave labor. So just as those ideas are mostly seen as wrong today, I expect that the rise of cryptocurrencies will make people aware that they can be free and that there must be a better a system that doesn't rely on coercion or the use of force at it's very basic level to work.
notker88 (1 year ago)
How do you get your salary? Fiat? So you pay taxes. How do you buy your food? Fiat? So you pay taxes. Investments should of course be tax free. You already payed your tax, you should not be forced to bring the money to a bank, you should have the freedom to put it anywhere you want without double or triple tax which is a theft. This is how I see it. Currently crypto does raise no problems in regards to taxes.
WokeSavage81 (1 year ago)
Tax is theft and it mostly ends up in the pockets of elite bankers, due to the governments crippling debts.
Matthew Norburn (1 year ago)
This video is interesting on what governments do with currency https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iFDe5kUUyT0
UKMHT (1 year ago)
Just give everyone £20000 to live on. Allow everyone a mortgage. Let everyone give back to society through voluntary work I.e caring in the community charity work cleaning the streets etc. Teach us all to care for others before ourselves. That would be a nice world man. Anyway talk to me about salt and lite coin. :-)
UKMHT (1 year ago)
N. S. I agree pal . If I make it one in cryptos. It's only to help our family and friends that is once I have my ford pick up lol
N. S. (1 year ago)
Exactly. Universal basic income and a good dose of being considerate for others. Both are lacking right now and it's made this world into the narcissistic money grab that it is today.
Jason Lucas (1 year ago)
My friend Mark here answers the question of this video quite eloquently... and it's from 6 months ago. Give it a listen. https://youtu.be/FUcFF5-EJ0A
UKMHT (1 year ago)
What do you think of lite coin. Bix thinks 1 to 4 against bitcoin. What s your opinion pal. Good vid
Jason Lucas (1 year ago)
This is the biggest chance in my life that I've seen for the power to shift back to the people. Probably the only chance in many generations to come in fact.
Josh Igoe (1 year ago)
What % of people support public healthcare in the UK? probably 98-99%-100%? Therefore the maximum tax should be the total cost to run those services. Everything else voluntary then, right? If so, then taxes would drop to around 5%, cost per person to run the current NHS is 2200 GBP and GDP per capita is around $39000. https://www.nuffieldtrust.org.uk/chart/health-spending-per-head-by-country-of-the-uk But my point is larger than that. Since 99% of people say they agree with the public healthcare system, why wouldn't they voluntarily contribute towards it? Why does the government have the right to take it before you as a person decide what to do with it?
Josh Igoe (1 year ago)
The government is not needed in the 21st century
Fish Kungfu (1 year ago)
"Free Healthcare" is NOT Free. Somebody has to pay for it.
MineAllDayAllNight (1 year ago)
Yep, that's why we pay taxes.
Louis Thomas (1 year ago)
Very true. Personally, I'm more than happy to pay towards such a system, and to use it whenever I need to as well. But I understand that other people would rather that it was all privatised.
snide 2 (1 year ago)
Using crypto currency has nothing to do with paying taxes. Taxes are taken from your check by your employer and can be taken no matter what you use for exchanging value. Education has become indoctrination and brainwashing and the medical system is making people sicker in most cases. You really need to live a little more and your views will change..
DeAngeloYouKnow (1 year ago)
I know this is unrelated, but can we talk about sex in the next video?
Sublime Thinker (1 year ago)
Bloggers should only discuss stuff they're knowledgable in ;)
Verma (1 year ago)
David Bannister (1 year ago)
Surely the UK HMRC super computer is powerful enough to find a way to link my Ether wallet address to e.g. my email, google history or via ICOs needing KYC info in which I have participated in. Once they have my Ether wallet address then they can see what assets I hold or have transferred to secretive coins (which will make them look even harder elsewhere). How easy is it to buy e.g. Monero without leaving a trail that at some point will be traceable to tax authorities. Once they find you are trying to hide assets it is going to probably be easier chasing most of us than the Paradise Paper millionaires who can afford better accountants. Both morally and for my future piece of mind (not wanting to constantly watch the shadows) I intend to pay taxes due.
Gary Thomas (1 year ago)
The “current system” you reference is the reason people are sick of the government.
gtfo utube (1 year ago)
We already knew Bono was a tax dodger. I don't want my cryptos to be taxed
Robert Long (1 year ago)
A responsible person contributes something to the social order they reside in. ie taxes. I love fresh tap water, roads, air traffic control, libraries, healthcare etc. Those that feel they need to contribute NOTHING should move to an island and let the FREE circle jerk begin.
snide 2 (1 year ago)
Robert Long I went that far because the mentality that you have is making 90% of the world live in a much more stressful and low quality life than they should be and it's KILLING hundreds of millions of people every decade. So you are responsible for this because you are compliant. And if you don't support this system they will lock you in a cage so I thought it would make my point quite well...
xCayne (1 year ago)
Robert Long You really are dumb. The people are not the government first of all. Do you even know about money in the US??? The federal reserve is in charge of it. They print the money. Guess what? Its privately owned by trillionaires!!! And youre talking about giving back to the country??? Go talk to the rothschilds family or the rockafellers who literally own our currency and fucking rake in trillions.... Then trade it all for euros lol and you are defending our shitty currency and the way our government abuses it?? You are insane. Our economy was built by rich greedy mother fuckers who dont pay shit, just rake in the benefits. You are crazy if you think otherwise. The owners of all banks are fucking coo coo rich yet the countries in debt trillions... And the majority of its people are in debt as well... Do you not see the problem???
Hedgerow (1 year ago)
Fuck you statist and get off your high horse. People contribute to society through their work. They don't owe the mafia government. The little services you mention are a tiny tiny amount from the massive taxes we pay for endless warfare, surveillance, bureaucratic waste and state indoctrination. Get a fucking clue
The Paranoid Reviewer (1 year ago)
Better yet feel free to pay taxes yourself instead of relying on armed goons to collect other peoples wages against their will.
Robert Long (1 year ago)
I wouldn't have gone that far myself. Are u always this cheery?
Crypto 314 (1 year ago)
Miguel Albarran (5 months ago)
@Tomasz Pluta go vegan
Wit Olifant (9 months ago)
Taxation is slavery. We all agree that slavery was immoral, right? Slavery is forcing someone to work for free. What are tax payers then? Partial slaves to others? Up to 50% of your "work" is distributed by force to others. VAT , IMPORT DUTIES, INCOME TAX, GAIN TAX, FUEL LEVY, PROPERTY TAX etc. The correct use of Crypto will enable the fall of government and stop this communistic Sh*t. You can privatize, emergency, security and all government services including the legal system. The legal system is the most tricky but I would run according to Sefan Moleneux book - Human preferable behavior and the non violence principle. Or the bible - don`t do to others you don`t want done to you. It could be enforced by the community and private security. The community can banish perpetrators from the area/town/city. The problem with collective land is - who gets what? Some land is more valuable and what happens to the current owners who legitimately paid for it with their useful altered energy(value)? Unpack value and everything about humanity becomes clear. Why do we do what we do? Energy=Matter=Resource=Energy=Useful Altered Energy=Value “Everything is relative” What is value? It is altered energy useful to a human/s. I say this because the universe consists of energy (matter) and some of it (resources) is useful to us. As soon as something(energy) is useful to yourself, or to one or more other humans, it has value. Humans uniquely have the ability to consciously alter energy (food) into value like useful ideas, strategies, philosophies and labor. (Anything useful has value) Because – Universe = Energy (E=mc2 — Theory of relativity) Energy = Matter = Resource Useful resource = Value = Useful altered energy Useful altered energy = useful labor/idea/plan = Value Value = Money/useful resource Money = Stored Value = Useful recourse Wealth = Accumulated stored value. This concludes that all useful altered energy = Value. (Nature and man) When individuals are unable or unwilling to alter their energy into something useful, the dark side of humanity surfaces. That is why lower IQ individuals are lazy, hang around and get involved in gossip, crime and even murder and justifies it. It all stems from wanting what others have – jealousy ( I am not saying all low IQ individuals) They are unable/unwilling to add value even to themselves. Higher IQ individuals don`t care what or who anybody says or thinks about them. They just want to be left alone and do their thing. That`s why high IQ individuals support free speech, property rights and self-determination. (I am not saying that all higher IQ individuals don`t get involved in gossip, crime etc.) Individuals with similar interests/intelligence(Values) seem to form communities autonomously. Rich neighborhoods have a higher average IQ than middle class neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods lower than middle-class. If I am wrong about this let me know
Massimo Valtino (1 year ago)
Snide 2 go in siria, in north korea , in Uganda , in zimbabwe, invenzuela and so on , and so on .......... , if you dont like western Big Brother countries, And then come an post here again
snide 2 (1 year ago)
Massimo Valtino hahaha many people are stuck and have no options. Soon you won't be able to do anything without permission. Your idea of a civilized society is really a control system from hell
Hedgerow (1 year ago)
Peter I'm sorry but you're way off here. You need to get a clue. Government education is a serious distortion of learning. Both education and healthcare are better provided in a free market. The idea that services can only be provided by government is false. And further, if someone had no choice in how they received those services, then you can't accuse them of hypocrisy when they advocate for choice. Government basically cuts off your choice, establishes a monopoly and then says "How dare you suggest that others don't receive what you did." We are advocating for CHOICE. Unlike the Statists, like yourself.
The Sapien (1 year ago)
Blockchain makes all payments/settlements easier. So blockchain makes taxes easier. Taxes could even be paid in real time on sidechains at point of sale, etc. The benefits far outweigh any reasons to avoid this progress. A technology like this does not really have enemies. Embrace it, no matter what side you're on in your ideologies. Personally, I'm not an anarchist. However, I am sovereign. It's like when you plan on maybe getting married one day and starting a family, however, at the moment, you happen to be single because your options aren't exactly ideal at the moment. No governments that good to me.
Kurt Cheng (1 year ago)
it is unfortunate that you still dont get it.
Louis Thomas (1 year ago)
Force is a very interesting concept. Even with the type of free market capitalism that many ancaps believe in, there are enormous amounts of force being exercised on people.
Kurt Cheng (1 year ago)
So you want to forcefully take their money? Throw them in jail if they refuse? :(
Louis Thomas (1 year ago)
I've heard the main points that many people who are opposed to taxes have raised, I just happen to respectfully disagree with them. That's all :)
snide 2 (1 year ago)
Tezla Gorbachev I know.
xPowerdriverx (1 year ago)
Nothing is for free. Someone always pays for it! YOU will be paying for the free education and healthcare of a bunch of strangers once they start draining off your hard earned wages for the next 40 years! Welcome to the system fellow tax slave.
Peter Dude (1 year ago)
what is the problem with taxes and the government looking after the people. Do people really want all the sick, old and invalid die? They want no law and order? They want to work for poverty wages because they can get fked over by their bosses? They want roads with pot holes, bridges falling down? Electricity, water and sewerage infrastructure breaking down, etc., etc, etc ........
Clara Jacobs (1 year ago)
This is propagandistic fear mongering but I will attempt to dismantle it as if it were conceived in rational thought: 1) This is a straw man argument. Suggesting that the government is woefully incapable of implementing a system of health care using revenue obtained from taxation is not the same as suggesting that we should have no healthcare whatsoever, or that infants and the elderly should be left in the streets to die. 2) An extremely small amount of the budget goes towards the criminal justice system and infrastructure maintenance. Taxation could be dramatically reduced without compromising these institutions, which should be managed at a local level anyway. 3) Forcing an employer to pay a minimum wage only reduces the amount of employees he/she can employ. Just because the government puts a gun to someone's head and compels them to pay a certain wage doesn't mean that person is going to magically be able to generate more revenue. What about the employer and his family? Do they not deserve to benefit from the business he has built? Furthermore, a mandated minimum wage only reduces the amount of employees that a given business can support; a minimum wage reduces the amount of jobs available. 4) Since when does the government need to "look after" people? More socialist propaganda. Castro, Stalin, and Mao murdered millions of their own citizens, but it was never malevolent, right? The victims just couldn't understand how important it was to be "looked after".
Maxi Rey (1 year ago)
Peter Dude the free market will provide it. Thats the reason you dont die of hunger ffs...or you go to your president house to eat? Just look at Venezuela and tell me how it is possible that the people are eating less and less every day if the gvt is providing those too...
xPowerdriverx (1 year ago)
Pay income tax on what you earn and then VAT when you spend it. Twice taxed is enough I think.
Kershaw (1 year ago)
In Finland government takes 30% or 34% tax from your bitcoin profit
4dvideos (1 year ago)
They are taking the fucking piss.
Sublime Thinker (1 year ago)
CGT here in Ireland is one of the highest in the world (after Denmark I think) at 33% As regards income tax, once a single working person earns over about €33K, they have to pay (including social insurance and other levies) about 52% on anything earned above that amount.
Bitcoin Buddha (1 year ago)
Still recommanding the BAD ACTOR COINBASE after their attempted coup on Bitcoin? Do you think they should grow and prosper? so they can do it again later?
Dragon Scale (1 year ago)
I am more of Free market guy... I dont think there is ANYTHING that gowerments can do, that private company couldnt... From my expierience everything private is better becouse it drives competition. I dont know why you are so happy about Great Britains health care where people literaly wait months in line to get this "Free healthcare"... And cryptocurrency might give us this transaction easier. Ofcourse it is unrealistic for now. So until then, as small gowernemt as possible.
bob simkonis (1 year ago)
How can you claim to be a Socialist (100% tax rate, no private property, no civil rights) yet promote coins that aid in tax evasion?
bob simkonis (1 year ago)
He's referenced his socialist views in other videos
Sublime Thinker (1 year ago)
While not regarding myself as a socialist, I'm pretty sure Louis isn't advocating 100% tax rate or a ban on owning property, or are we watching different videos?
snide 2 (1 year ago)
Robert Simkonis Taxation is theft first of all and Socialism is sickening..
Paul Smith (1 year ago)
Louis have you looked into your tax liabilities on your gains this year if so a video on how that works would be very helpful. Just asking for general advice if you have it.
Sublime Thinker (1 year ago)
He lives in the UK, if inland revenue get a whiff he's holding significant crypto assets, they'll bend him over with no lube.
Nick Bullman (1 year ago)
Governments need to mine and trade to generate value (taxes) if they could ordinated globally via mining problem solved. Probably already are especially in China. Tied to national power for pow
Svarainis 2017 (1 year ago)
Segwit2x is happening
Crypto Ninja (1 year ago)
Tax continues to get taken from salary, so this has nothing to do with Crypto. If anyone wants to double tax people and charge their Crypto as well, then they can fuck off. I would rather leave the country and spend my money somewhere else.
Crypto Ninja (1 year ago)
So are you trying to say other countries in Africa are not civilized? Do some research you chump, Africa is the future continent with potential for fastest economical growth. However, for your info, I was thinking about Spain or Colombia for my relocation plan.
Richard Wagner (1 year ago)
Louis Thomas - as long as you cannot buy houses/land with crypto it doesn't really matter because you'd have to convert your monero to btc/eth then to fiat and pay the tax, but yea, in the future when you can buy things with crypto there is nothing stoping anyone from avoiding taxes, that's why I'm afraid it'll never happen (buying stuff with crypto). Especially considering those crazy tax rules stated by IRS that every transaction/trade is a taxable event so you have to pay tax when you buy a coffee with btc, or that you have to pay tax even on unrealized gains. Crazy times ahead
Massimo Valtino (1 year ago)
You are wellcome to leave Uganda will be more than happy to wellcome you Leave civilised people to live in civilised countries
Angelo Jamaica (1 year ago)
I am assuming that when you say salary you are working for someone. You have signed a contract when you filled out your application, gave them your employment number and signed it. You contracted under the UCC uniform commercial code to deduct taxes ( INTEREST PAYMENTS) from your salary. If you would not have signed the contract you would not have been employed. That is called contract by deception. You gave up your sovereign rights under the contract.
Louis Thomas (1 year ago)
People could eventually opt to get paid in a privacy coin like Monero. I do freelance work, and so in theory it would be very easy for me to get paid in Monero and never report that to the Government.
Monero_bully (1 year ago)
Hey, I really want to pay my taxes so society doesn't crash and burn. But I have lost all my private keys. It's tragic. :(
N. S. (1 year ago)
It's funny until you want to make a purchase and convert your crypto to fiat and your bank rats on you to the govt. :(
Monero_bully (1 year ago)
I scrapped my computer by accident and now its in a landfill somewhere.
Luke William (1 year ago)
My private keys fell to the bottom of a lake.
Anthony Mig (1 year ago)
Taxation is theft
Wit Olifant (9 months ago)
Consensus is slavery was immoral, right? Slavery = forced free work. What are tax payers then? Partial slaves? High IQ = nett contributors Low IQ = nett consumers. With taxation laws, high IQ individuals are slaves to low IQ individuals. Am I wrong ?
tinglestingles (1 year ago)
I suspect you do not have ANY experience of working in the NHS. IF you had ANY experience you would have a completely different viewpoint. Yes, we need a health service BUT the current model is broken. If you sent the organisation 10s of billions extra it wouldn't make any difference to real services. It is the most wasteful organisation I've ever had the misfortune to encounter.
DKMphotography co uk (1 year ago)
You've been brainwashed I'm afraid. Is the NHS Wasteful... God yes. Is there FAR too many managers with high salaries doing Fcuk all.. God yes. Does it's efficiency need improving... Yes. However it's still one of THE most efficient services in the world, and properly funding it is VITAL to prevent it being privatised by the back door and we end up with a US style system where a life threatening illness could bankrupt your family and they pay more for the same drug (often double) than other countries.
Louis Thomas (1 year ago)
You're absolutely right. No experience working in the NHS at all. I have used it though, and it saved my life once, so I want to see it properly funded. I have no doubt there is a lot of waste. I'm all for making the system for efficient.
snide 2 (1 year ago)
tinglestingles This guy is naive and confused
MrHejjzan (1 year ago)
A public ledger on what happens with all the tax money would be i great start. One that could not be manipulated. I think that would be a good start.
DKMphotography co uk (1 year ago)
Got a LOT of time for this... a Block Chain style ledger of all the governments spending. We need taxation for society to run, but we just need transparency on HOW it's spent.
Louis Thomas (1 year ago)
Absolutely! That would do the world of good.
rock17lee (1 year ago)
Do us a favor and don't call it "free" use a more accurate term for health care like "tax funded" in the future so people won't be misguided
snide 2 (1 year ago)
Nicholas James That's because he's brainwashed
Crypto Xperiment (1 year ago)
Simon Elof (1 year ago)
Glad to see you're switched on to politics. Again, please read Hoppe.
A Lag (1 year ago)
Jeremy White (1 year ago)
I'm also debating whether I should out right not report my realizations of gains, it's so tempting. But this I do know, there is an FBI office in coinbase, so to people who have purchased BTC from Coinbase, be careful, I'm sure they can see how much you purchased.
Jeremy White (1 year ago)
I agree!!!!
snide 2 (1 year ago)
Jeremy White Fuck the FBI
Multispek mutvimanex (1 year ago)
5-10% taxes would be fine. And fuck taxes going to healthcare for people who dont give a fuck about their health
Alfredo Faria (1 year ago)
Hey Louis great video. I am wondering if you could explain why BITCOIN isn't a tulip bulb. Recently we have some names like warren buffett telling us that it is. I give some thought and I found 2 questions I can't give an answer and I would like to ear what you have to say about it. A big part of the BITCOIN trading volume is derived from the altcoins (when people sell them or when they want to buy them they go thru BITCOIN), but in a near future we won't need to buy BITCOIN to be able to buy altcoins. As a meaning os exchange, BITCOIN isn't the best too. For example, IOTA will let us exchange with no fees, instantly. So how can you explain the 100 thousand dollar's bitcoin in the future? Thank you
Multispek mutvimanex (1 year ago)
Alfredo Faria spamattacks is great with 0 feee. There is a reason fees exist
Alfredo Faria (1 year ago)
Multispek mutvimanex thanks for the response, but no fees is exactly the propose of IOTA. If everybody moves for any other coin, like LITECOIN for faster transactions, MONERO for privacy or IOTA for no fees, what is the remaining value on BITCOIN? I'm not saying it has none, but I think this is a very pertinent question now, not when everybody start to question it.
Multispek mutvimanex (1 year ago)
Alfredo Faria 0 fees doesnt work. And smart money are trading alts to get more btc. And for tulip, u srs ?
TheGhost (1 year ago)
I said it once and I'll say it again...the government can suck my d!ck. I'm not paying them shit.
TheGhost (1 year ago)
jmpout I live in the US..Texas to be exact.
Louis Thomas (1 year ago)
Regardless of your views, pleeeeeeeease pay your taxes. Its not worth going to prison over.
XPopCornX (1 year ago)
If you buy from people known for selling bitcoin it's not difficult to see who paid them unless you paid in cash or mined it.
XPopCornX (1 year ago)
if they find out you're fucked though
The Paranoid Reviewer (1 year ago)
Right on man!
Crypto World (1 year ago)
Nice Platform, it keeps Growing. https://goo.gl/PHFsNn
dazhibernian (1 year ago)
And how to dodge them...

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