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Corporate Taxes: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Many of America’s largest corporations shift a surprising portion of their profits overseas to avoid paying taxes. Even more surprisingly, that’s a legal thing to do. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Paying for welfare
Cara Crabtree (1 day ago)
I can't understand why if profits are billions of dollars why you'd need to avoid paying. Why wouldn't they want to give back to the people who make it possible for them to exist or how they got there in the first place. Whereas people who are struggling to survive have no out, or the ones whom do pay, which probably funded how they got there companies in some cases (taxes going to fed start up funds, etc), and the people that buy there goods and services.
EnigmaDrath (3 days ago)
"The government is taking 40% of my taxes!" ... who's taking the rest? >_>
Intel LTR45 (3 days ago)
I am so glad that Liberal clowns are mad. Good. Be mad. Instist on lower taxes.
Andrew Phillips (5 days ago)
John Oliver home country does not tax companies that bring money home from overseas, only North Korea and Unite States do. Corporations do not pay taxes Consumers do, for its built in the price of an item, no company ever has paid a dime in taxes. Plans that avoid taxes are wrong, not bringing home profits that have been taxed already is not. There is a difference. If companies do use a tax holiday to just buy back their stock and pay dividends, half of the benefits goes directly to the middle class, the pipe fitters, truck drivers, the good working men, for if you have a pension or a 401k guess what, something that increase the price of commonly held stocks is good for you in the future.
Student Chao Ren (5 days ago)
Yes, Trump did tax cuts for those inside the U.S. and he closed one very popular loophole for those U.S. companies outside the U.S. It sucks for those rich Americans who have money parked overseas in their own personal corporations. It was possible to get 0% tax before but now that’s all but closed. He helped the Leftists on this one and they don’t even realize it. Even this video doesn’t fully understand it. Trump really knows the loopholes so it was easy for him to close it.
Blaine Tanner (6 days ago)
Cardi b sucks
Eduardo Torres (6 days ago)
im literally half way through the video when i realized that its actually April 15 today. I just looked up lastweektonight and clicked a random one
Zachary Allen (6 days ago)
I wonder what Cardi B did with the money she stolen from the men she drugged...
sonia achieng (7 days ago)
Is he married? I think i am in love
Michael Laverty (7 days ago)
Before I die Maybe God will let me bump into just one of these Mega wealthy Liar's these bullshit story teller's who can't tell the truth if there pants were on fire .. I wanna reach out with my vise grip hands and crush the Adams apple .. NO more lie's just lot's of funny squeaking sounds ...
İntihar İpi (8 days ago)
Income Taxes, Pigovian Taxes are great but Corporate Taxes are unneccesary af. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/blogs/post-partisan/wp/2018/07/31/heres-a-good-corporate-tax-rate-zero/
Lee DeCoske (8 days ago)
Pirate... arrrrr... me matey!
Arslan Khalid (9 days ago)
Zizi Roberts (9 days ago)
John Stossel. Pirate Heaven. LMAO.
big_deal big_deal (9 days ago)
*laughs in Canadian**cries in middle class*
Hyper Sonic (9 days ago)
1% own over 40% of the wealth, therefore we need to give the rich a huge tax break. Flawless Republican logic...
Gabby Morin (9 days ago)
I dunno, I think John Stossel could have done worse - for example, "well it sounds like they're robbing America blind".
Caleb Berney (10 days ago)
*it was the jeeewwwwws* cracked me up too much
Oh no not cardi
John J (13 days ago)
I feel bad for uninformed people watching this show, it's like hey the world is terrible and your surrounded by assholes.
Yngve Andersen (13 days ago)
thorandil1 (15 days ago)
CardiB... Hmm...
perakole (15 days ago)
11:13 Poor badger. ☹️
perakole (14 days ago)
+The Aroused Eunuch 😒
The Aroused Eunuch (14 days ago)
The picture was photoshopped. :)
alrightalright alright (16 days ago)
Blame Trump when that shit been goin on for decades
Moxie Lofton (16 days ago)
Unless you drop the tan accent and go full yank how about not doing potato jokes? Like your home country didn't commit genocide?? Or how you've glorified Churchill in a different piece???
connor vaughn (18 days ago)
Fuck that cunt Cardi. That money might be used on the military, but its rightfully taken away from your rapist ass...... Fucking dumb ass no talented cunt.
Alex Robert (18 days ago)
On the fridge in the kitchen with the guy in the graphic, there are magnetic letters on the fridge that spell out "redrum", which is "murder" backwards woahhhh
Divyanshu Singh (19 days ago)
8 to 15.5% is more than $0 you idiot.
L KB (20 days ago)
Is cardi b retarded?
Sam Barker (20 days ago)
I see a lot of conservatives in the comments saying that "actually, the 1% pay 40% of income tax" and this is true, but Leftists (which is a word I like to use in the same way Black people use the N-word or Gay people say Queer, if you take ownership of it it loses its power) will say "sure but they should still be paying more" to which the conservative will reply "but they earned it, so why should they have to give it over?". This is where the Leftist will get frustrated and say what seems to them to be blindingly obvious "because everyone deserves to be happy and, in our current system, everyone has to pitch in towards that goal, and what do rich people really need a second Mansion for?". The conservative will then say something that stops the conversation because the Leftist has no answer to it "Why does everyone deserve to be happy?". I don't think I have ever seen a Leftist give a good answer to this because it brings up something they have never really considered. That the conservative isn't as empathetic as them. And empathy isn't something you can explain. I think that this lack of understanding about the other side is why Liberals and Leftists so often lose arguments to conservatives. We have to start arguing based on that understanding, like when we talk about Healthcare (which conservatives want to scrap) or Civil rights (which conservatives don't care about) or free University (which most conservatives are rich enough to get in to without being trapped under debt) or the proper treatment of Immigrants (see Civil rights) or Global warming (they will be dead by the time its a serious problem) or any number of other issues that this fine show has discussed. Just stop treating conservatives as failed Leftists. The aren't stupid or misguided. They just don't care. EDIT: Notice I said Leftists and conservatives (small c) not democrats and republicans so don't come at me with all that "but Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and he was a republican". Lincoln was a Leftist like most of the other republicans at the time. This swapped over later.
Jacquelyn Scott (21 days ago)
Okay—I, for one, thought that "Panama Scoot" joke was hilarious.
James Ebola (22 days ago)
Americans also pay taxes on Social Security and unemployment benefits. Middle class pays for the rich, who avoid taxes, and for the poor. However, the most ironic part is the fact tax on income is unlawful. It was designed as voluntary, not mandatory. At the beginning of 20 century no one paid tax on income. Then with WW I it was introduced at only couple of percent. From there it just kept climbing to today's rates, never ever to be decreased.
Mickey (24 days ago)
Your mom pays taxes
Equnoxe (26 days ago)
thank your elders.
Corporate taxes are stupid
bkingk8 (28 days ago)
See adam ruins income tax
The Steel Voice (28 days ago)
Taxes., essentially the Governments GoFundMe Page!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Bruh I am WEAK!!!!
Kaellix (17 days ago)
Taxes are necessary for our country to keep running dude. Also one DS2 video really? Git gud scrub.
helen sharpe (29 days ago)
# Double Dutch Irish Sandwich
Juan Laris (29 days ago)
Can someone please tell that b**** to shut the f******
timmy timmytimmy (30 days ago)
^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bv3kWRasheo
bob bob (30 days ago)
I like John's opinions, but wtf. Look at the y-axis on the graph at 12:00. I expect better from this show than to use such a shitty tactic.
Rachel Fox (30 days ago)
... Did Trump pronounce 'plumbers' as "plum-bers"? With a b? I'm not surprised, I'm just asking.
James Ebola (22 days ago)
Yes. Word "plumbum" is Latin for led. Led was used for pipes for centuries. So "b" may be silent, but it is correct if pronounced.
Brett Barnes (1 month ago)
when talking about how the 'tax holiday" doesn't work he conveniently forgets about the financial collapse that happened at the same time. Maybe they'll do an episode on themselves. :)
Will Kuklinski (1 month ago)
Tax basis income and the income on 10-K financial statements are different things. GE is notoriously shady for FS reports 10K, not a fair example as a comparison to anything else. Besides, tax on and dividends are paid by individual shareholders. That's a pretty big thing to not mention at all. Yeah, a year late. I know.
Vortex Chaosfall (1 month ago)
Did anyone hear "play along, play along" 😂
-__- NoCakeNoSnake (1 month ago)
The gold joke always get me
just a bush (1 month ago)
L could you imagine how nice are Rosa be if big corporations pay taxes in this country
Owen Fitzgerald (1 month ago)
The guy was only missing a parrot :P
Omega Oh yeah, yeah (1 month ago)
When you tax a corporation but then the corporation can't pay the taxes because it's not an individual person responsible for the government programs so it raises prices on its products so it can pay its own workers because "much minimum wage! Muh worker rights!" and you get pissy about having to pay for what you created and the whole thing you created is your fault so the only way to stop this is accept responsibility but the only way to do that is to admit you were wrong but that can't be it.
Blue Eyes White Teddy (1 month ago)
Paying minimum wage is too expensive!!!!!!!!!!!! Now let me not pay any taxes at all....
Dfathurr (1 month ago)
John oliver looks like a chinese fake fabricated steve minuchin
mdfouru (1 month ago)
When state and local pols want to act like they're big tax cutters, they often lower tax rates and impose or raise (regressive) "user fees". So let's set the corporate tax rate at 0 and charge them the actual costs (plus profit) for all the publicly funded infrastructure, legal protection and other services they rely on. They'll come back and beg for a 35% effective rate.
DWYS WYSD (1 month ago)
But the Democrats couldn't close any loopholes for the past 8 years either...
Nathan S. (1 month ago)
John is absolute gold at 0.5x speed
Walter Ostrowski (1 month ago)
You're right
shortperson20 (1 month ago)
I found a way to make our president easier to hate. Replace him with Cardi B
The Stuttering Gamer (1 month ago)
Even Cardi would be more a competent leader than chump.
Jay C (1 month ago)
I'm very much a Trump supporter because I'm in the blue collar workforce, but he does make some points. That being said, since the tax reform and now 7 brackets have been created in the new tax law where as there was only 4, I got back $800 dollars more this past year than in the previous years of Obama and Bush. I love how wealthy people or crooked politicians like to tell us that Corporate America is the enemy, but without corporations to bring in business, then people have no jobs. The question I bring up is ," When was the last time a broke person offered you a job?" Eventually if you keep trying to over tax a business they are going to leave and then that hurts everybody. I only make $51,000 a year, but I've had to earn it and the fact that my job has benefits such as health, dental, retirement plans..etc, is a testament to that. My opinion of course, but when was the last time John Oliver had to work regular job. He should stick to comedy and not politics or economics, because he doesn't live in the real world.
Colin Stone (1 month ago)
I hate Cardi B more than anything.
Viccatrix (1 month ago)
I'm a pipe fitter and everyone I work with roasts trump constantly. Yet another thing hes lying about. XD
Ben (1 month ago)
Taxes on the individual should never go above 20%. Taxes on large business profits should remain between 20 and 40%. A company which pays 5% tax should not have access to the services, territory, and market that an individual who pays over 20% tax does-- and corporations are NOT "people", contrary to the supreme court ruling, and government workers should be downsized like everybody else when efficiencies are implemented.
karsten69 (1 month ago)
...How about an automation tax? each time a business automates someone's job away, they pay that person's salary as a tax. it's a small countermeasure against the shrinking job market.
Re Peat (1 month ago)
You cant lower the taxes for people who already PAY ZERO FEDERAL INCOME TAXES YOU MORON.
zweck4629 (1 month ago)
Its kinda weird when you pay more income taxes flipping burgers than a multi billion $ company does.
Gobsnachaz (1 month ago)
On that chart of spending near the beginning.... where is infrastructure? Is that all in the discretionary spending?
Re Peat (1 month ago)
How much federal income taxes does a burger flipper pay?
Gobsnachaz (1 month ago)
+Aflyingkittensoldier Gotcha. Thanks!
Aflyingkittensoldier (1 month ago)
Infrastructure is mostly considered state level spending. Discretionary as well, but most of it is at the state level.
Nathan Coram (1 month ago)
, b
Luis Martinez (1 month ago)
This is so f#$#$ up. Trump is helping the rest of the big companies avoid taxes..
Tom B (1 month ago)
So sick of you idiots that don't understand how health care works. In the US, you can't be denied health care because of lack of insurance. You will get billed and you will need to make arrangements to pay for it. HOWEVER: In countries that claim they have universal health care, (actually it is universal health insurance) the government decides if you will get a treatment or not. But, don't worry, you will not have to pay for that life saving treatment that you were denied. And common office visits in Canada have a roughly 6 week wait time. Why do you think that so many from other countries come to the US to get the best treatments or treatments that their wonderful wonderous why can't we all be like them health "care" system? You people are prime examples why Democracy is such a bad idea if voting is not limited in some way. Also, corporations are owned by people. A corporation does not pay taxes. It bakes in the cost of those taxes into whatever products and services it provides and the consumer pays those taxes that the corporation collects on behalf of the government. The cost of the taxes this show pays is baked into the numbers when subscription rates are considered. If taxes were high enough that they couldn't charge enough to watch HBO, this show would be cancelled. Or rather, if this show didn't provide enough value to HBO customers to warrant the show being made. But, when taxes are lowered, the company is able to be more competitive especially in exports. Look up the idiotic luxury tax from the Clinton Admin. It destroyed the boat making industry and the real high end yachts are now made in Europe.
Gabriele Silva (1 month ago)
Tim Cook is really disappointing.
StarkRG (1 month ago)
Here's a nifty fact: American citizens are the only people in the world who have to pay income taxes in their home country for wages earned overseas.
Zero (1 month ago)
I love how John Oliver's tie is the same as Steve Mnuchin's
Nicolas (1 month ago)
not completely fair here
Vloggerihardlyknowher (1 month ago)
12:36 damn Trump really does have small hands
Daniel Shays (1 month ago)
Hey, do you know which cultural/religious group helped lay the foundation for Western civilization? (Looks both ways) (Whispers) It was the Jews.
Polar Pomeranian (1 month ago)
Cardi B is dumber than I thoughy
timmy timmytimmy (1 month ago)
Fantasty Draft King Le Buck a Roo bs -"doctor" this aint even about kermit at this point more that mind set 1who the fuck R u to me 2 why do i care Arranged marriages have evolved https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgsT31g4sWQ Paper Towel Meme Wafare The Hum rica scrammble smith word crimes cia
Jay Bloodworth (1 month ago)
A question for Teacher Trump. What good is it if companies bring their monies here if they still don't spend it?
Money Mule (1 month ago)
If you think rich people should be taxed more you're having. a. fucking. laugh. You, a nobody, someone that hardly impacts society working in retail 9-5 and doing drugs on weekends, earning around £11k-£35k a year, will only have to give 20%, that's £2,200 from the minimum. A somebody that's worked hard all his life to make his fortune, maybe has a company that directly impacts society and invests in the local economy, with a salary of £150k+ a year guess what he's income tax is? *45%, forty-five fucking percent.* Thats £68k per year they are giving to the government. To put that into perspective, the lost cause above would have to pay 30 year's taxes to equal this guy's yearly tax. Fucking ridiculous. Makes you think why rich people tend to abandon ship and go to tax havens like monaco, hong kong and switzerland. *It's literally a crime to work hard in life.*
Joey Chiappetta (1 month ago)
Jon Oliver presents, the host doesn't understand the problem with taxes
Zach Comstock (1 month ago)
Watching Tim Cook talk to the senate committee seemed like deja vu... Then I remembered the overacting by Otto Warmbier to show he wasn’t serious when North Korea made him apologize...
Altar360 (1 month ago)
And then people complain when others want better healthcare and livable wages. If these corporations actually paid their taxes it can go a long way to helping the economy
Cynthia Bonsignore (1 month ago)
I make less than 50k and I pay 25%
Robert R (1 month ago)
0:35 I don't even know who Cardi B is but that's ones of the dumbest rants I've ever heard. a) The government taking 100% of your taxes, that's what taxes are. b) They're *not* taking 40% of your income; that not how tax brackets work and if you've reached the 40% bracket you're making an absolute killing. c) They're spending "your money" on every single thing the government does. d) No you fucking don't want receipts for all government spending. You'd get bored halfway down the first page.
Kaellix (17 days ago)
I honestly think the world would be a better place without her stupidity and morals being placed on people my age.
KingJustice98 (1 month ago)
Republican and Democrat voters need to stand up to these corrupt politicians NOW!! These corporations are destroying our democracy! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!
Omega Oh yeah, yeah (1 month ago)
KingJustice98 democracy was never in the constitution.
Spar7anJ (2 months ago)
"The John Oliver Property Tax Scam: HBO Comedian Secretly Buys Manhattan Mansion" Oof
Hussam Malik (2 months ago)
Brace yourselves. Reverse racism triggered white ppl triggered about the operetta joke are upon us.
Natalya (2 months ago)
So the 78 billion we send to Pakistan - does that go under discretionary or military?
Benno L77 (2 months ago)
How anyone from the middle classes down, seriously oppose change to corporate tax legislation is beyond me and entirely mystifying..... The only people against corporations paying their fair share are significant stockholders or outright owners of these multi-nationals... They have masterminded this reality by continually paying huge 'legal' bribes our 'democracy' allows, by utilising professional political lobbyists, allowed to exist and operate using highly dubious legislative licence to 'LEGALLY purchase' favourable political will to originally create and ensure continued legislative protections are in place to maintain these one sided favourable economic outcomes that benefit a very small but insanely wealthy minority at everyone's expense.... For example, Apple the first trillion dollar publicly listed multinational company, by use of dubious taxation laws introduced due to increasing globalisation, allows them to effectively pay 0% tax on all profits made internationally... Meaning billions and billions of net profits totally untaxed simply because of where they claim their international HQ is located, something that on paper can literally be moved quicker than you could register a vehicle in your name... Considering corporate tax rates are set in their favour which internationally average around 20% on gross profits... Even them due to overwhelmingly generous allowances that increase overall deductions, even that amount is hardly ever paid in full.. The more money you earn, including personally, the more favourable taxation legislation becomes... All bought and paid for by the people who already own everything... And you know who ultimately stands in the way of change... Middle class morons with visions of grandeur, who get up on their soap box using freedom of choice as reason enough to oppose discussing change.... If you are effectively an economic slave - meaning you need to work the majority of the time to finance your current lifestyle - you're merely a puppet of the powers that be and need to wake the fuck up... If you have to pay for everything it can hardly be described as personal FREEDOM... The only people who are truly free are those who are not financially reliant on or dictated by the financially based system the vast majority of is are, and most of those ignorant terminally selfish arse holes were born into that position to begin with..... They even have other millionaires fooled onto believing old money is held in higher regard despite its present beneficiaries having inherited it with zero effort... The entire system is back to front and until you middle class morons wake up to reality it will continue to hold us all back by keeping us all down.... You're the biggest chumps of all and future historians will condemn the part you played disrupting inevitable changes to the current unfair imbalance of our current status quo.... Religion and multi millionaires selfishly holding naturally occurring social evolution of the entire species back by dozens decades if not centuries.....
SuperMcgenius (2 months ago)
If corporations are people then they should pay as a person.
Shailesh Rana (2 months ago)
"Those are Hitler fucks, you Swiss fucks!" - John Oliver, 2018
Moondust2365 (2 months ago)
10:15 It's more like lowering the taxes to make sure the companies put their money in the US, and sealing the deal by making it mandatory that the money is in the US and more of a benifit to corrupt politicians who'll take that tax money from Google, GE, etc. than a "reward for actively avoiding tax" to the companies because again, overseas they're paying close to 0% tax. Meanwhile in the US, they're gonna have to pay 8 - 15%. To those who don't understand, it's basically someone giving bait to dumb -companies- "animals" (plus companies whose money is in places where the tax is higher than 15%) and forcing -high taxes- "bad food" ( -lower- better than before but -higher- worse than what they got from "someone else") to other -companies- "animals".
thriversoffset (2 months ago)
John I love you, tomorrow’s the day!
Matthew Dinslage (2 months ago)
Pascale Carlson (2 months ago)
This is very relevant right now, with amazon pulling out of New York
Juliano Ciaramello (1 month ago)
They're pulling out because people got pissed because they weren't going to pay taxes.
Philip B (2 months ago)
"Taxes are the price we pay for civilized society." - Oliver Wendell Holmes [se non è vero, è ben trovato ]
R. H. (2 months ago)
I don’t even understand how taxes work. And I’m 29.
Clint Eranovic (2 months ago)
Coke could put their recipe in a Swiss vault....... charge import duty on all the Coka Cola they produce then.....
aStrix171 (2 months ago)
Rewatching durning 2019 for the 2018 filing year. Just to remind myself exactly how the Republicans have screwed us all over.
Jack Jameson (2 months ago)
That bitch needs to get brained.
David Dyer (2 months ago)
Companies do not break the law they use the law. Change the laws and make companies pay what they should. This is the same in the US, UK, and the EU
James Morris (2 months ago)
I wonder how many people know that before Oliver did this "sketch" that he established himself and his wife as LLCs and a corporation under his dog's name and purchased an $11+ million penthouse in New York in which he uses state and corporate tax loopholes to pay a .25 percent tax rate on that property.

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