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Proof Of Stake Cryptocurrency Mining experiment 23 days Profits - Episode 6 lets mine coins!

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A quick update of the proof of stake experiment episode 6! 08/10/17 Find out which coin is profiting the most right now! Also if you’re new to this video and want to see the first part of the Alpha Crypto Proof of stake mining series go here for the first episode: https://youtu.be/575F5H7N3DE There is a Piecoin swap happening now go to this discord and find a Dev who will help you swap your coins! https://discord.gg/qhVH46C If you want to get started Proof of staking but not sure what you need to start there go here: https://youtu.be/Hz8xpmsjqRg Help me create more videos and cryptocurrency tests like these by donating! will be much appreciated! BTC: 1PsUfNNfmrM8z3ZJSAmq6ZWxsxy57GLzE7 LTC: LWJSzDEdtYtj4yfPDbrhLf5MrSjsbwzo13 ETH: 0xe2327426dF56b4D5528e99A037efcA2c3686Eab9 DASH: XbCMxuwhbsMXkNR58GBXbqkyFYw5nuFb7m Decred: DshU5PWhRZwmnP1RSsucdnDKTGsyY8sctWJ QTUM: 0x705452A97BFCe4829aACDb41dFe1A81DD98994a7
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Text Comments (16)
rig rx580 (3 months ago)
here is an project annual POS 12% zilberpay https://ib.zilberpay.com/?ref=codreanupetru
Ceng Kahyaoğlu (7 months ago)
Thx mate. Do you have any video that showing how we can stake Condansate Coin ?
Rahul Chaudhary (10 months ago)
Hey man, do you recommend staking around 10000 Bean cash. Any chance of stacking or not at all because of lesser no bean Cash stacked.
Joseph Lewis (11 months ago)
Staking pools do for Proof of Stake what Mining Pools do for miners, there’s strength in numbers and greater rewards. Stake United is a good place to stake POS coins: From what I have seen after staking five different coins, Staking United has an easy interface and fast deposits and withdrawals. Stake United has a large number of members and coins, so they have daily ROI, which can be up to 20% daily! Plus they provide compounding interest - which means you get your ROI % based not only on your initial stake, but also on stake rewards received. They also do shared masternodes so you can start building a masternode faster by getting those great masternode rewards while building towards the number of coins you need for a solo masternode. Check them out at https://stakeunited.com/Mufasa2.
Wilfried Benjamins (1 year ago)
Hello.. first of all wanna say your video's are good to understand.. just starting with own mining rig. But in your video.. 23 days is 72 dollar profit total? By all coins? How can that be more profit then gpu mining ? And.. can you do both same time ? Gpu mining and like this
Alpha Crypto (1 year ago)
Well the point of the test is just to test what you can mine using $250 rather than the entire amount apologies if that's a bit misleading.
Alpha Romeo (1 year ago)
For PieX, have you ever seen the message , "Minted - Generated but not accepted"? I'm not sure what this message means
Sashimi Bomb (1 year ago)
Hi,Nice project! Can you make a video about a offline PoS coins/tokens (sorry for the English)
Goldsilvercrypto (1 year ago)
Pie has new wallet. Can you use this or have to reinstall? Took over a week.. others won't download or sink. HELP. Add your twitter or email.. need to talk.
Simone (1 year ago)
why with just 923 synx i get 10 synx coin day? you just 5 day
Alpha Crypto (1 year ago)
Simone A few factors like how long the coin has staked for and its like a lottery system too so luck 😉
Atif Mehmood (1 year ago)
Nice video ! i need few suggestion Should i install my wallet on drive C where windows is installed or D: drive . Other Do i need to backup daily so if hard disk crash i might can backup . How to keep my staking safe please make video about it. thanks. how to safely setup wallet in the computer and what step should take for not loose coin due to damage or any other incident thanks.
Alpha Crypto (1 year ago)
Hi Atif, First of all which wallet are you going to install? Also I would recommend you installing the wallet on the drive you have the most space on, usually the blockchain installs on the C drive and will require some technical knowledge on moving it to another drive. To keep wallets safe I would recommend you install on a clean machine - make sure you don't open links form emails / dodgy websites / don't download pirate software. Keep your operating system updated at all times and use a repliable virus scanner - Some virus scanners will detect certain qt wallets as Trojans but in most cases they are false positives. Make sure you try and download qt wallets from the official githubs.
C Li (1 year ago)
wait how much did you put in each? $100?
Alpha Crypto (1 year ago)
$250 in each coin
Ex-G0d (1 year ago)
i will wait for your next vidio bro :D

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