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Let's Invest Isn't Dead, and Neither is Cryptocurrency

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Let's Invest is a focus investing show that talks about new fintech and decentralized currency and service investing. We have videos on bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, monero, Dash, Decred, Ethereum, NEM/ XEM, PIVX, Zcash, Iconomi, Ethereum Classic, tether, and many other decentralized applications and cryptocurrencies. *****Corrections***** - - - ********************** Dash Vs NEM scaling solutions video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEJ4S34kIRs&t=113s What is NEM/ XEM? vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFB81hFs-Bg&t=92s What is PIVX?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67BgFRZkslU TIPS: NEM address: NBRIIK-XRA2G4-QE77UR-X6PFXB-V5WTFM-BVKKRU-KAZ6 Bitcoin: 1LBerPiGcPWWd4CuNnPtLW3H3QXvBFkXkA Dash: XoXfFFRhKnq222J1QZ1HZf86RwBQfvk58y Dogecoin: DHooBnDriuRqAfu5r1QKF28Novk4d8QJXw PIVX: DSPhduqcyxkRuJJqz7oTecxw4jhiZ6rw8n Monero: 41wUaB2m9bg2WiJa3HeahgibaMgrEXn21WJVQbwedm2vWcVkiEWvM5t3bbtMcvEoAGNnq2yRcgJRKHSTyB9iLfWx91eEjYC LBRY Credits: bKT1y3XqegMNzAwGFQuMdS7xgG9Aac6axV Decred: DsWW7VhXc5VxmqXJWdkQQa1oh9AZDaoVrPX Thanks! Let's Invest!
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Text Comments (63)
Thomas San Francisco (1 month ago)
Should I buy btc now?
J H (9 months ago)
the Free state project sounds amazing! im from Denmark so I feel like living there part time!
J H (9 months ago)
welcome back. good talking my friend.. Hint. watch out for pho, peng, the new ember / atheneum for high gainers.. and Doge itself!
J H (9 months ago)
+J H imagine coinbase listing doge!!
J H (9 months ago)
ember is going to be swapped so remember to keep updated on that if you buy emb
Mustang (10 months ago)
In my opinion, your channel has the best quality information available on cryptos. No filler videos or clickbaits that we see everywhere on YT. Your content definitively contributes to the expansion and better understanding of the crypto world. I'm glad to see you're back! :)
Wades Wades (11 months ago)
welcome back!!
Armando Garza (11 months ago)
Hopefully back for good bro.. You were one of the best YouTubers I started to watch when I started crypto. I got into NEM because of your content and info about it. What do you think now for NEM in the future?
Don Giovanni (11 months ago)
GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Breathes heavily
suresh rajbahak (11 months ago)
Welcome back. You are the only one who can be trusted!!!
Vincent Dalet (11 months ago)
glad to have you back mate!
Nigel Timperley (11 months ago)
A slick return from a hugely missed contributor to the crypto space. Good to have you back.
bishmol (11 months ago)
welcome back!
Jalaluddin Shaikh (11 months ago)
You are great. Waiting long for your video. Thanks brother
Jake Hill (11 months ago)
You're alive! Glad to have you back. Hope we both make it to NH in the near future.
Jose Diaz (11 months ago)
Check out Graft (GRFT). Under the radar new coin coupling POW/POS for instant acceptance of cryptos by merchants with potential of bringing all cryptos towards mainstream adoption usage. Extremely undervalued :)
Mr. Arian (11 months ago)
Sorry but... "nothing to say"!? I am absolutely convinced that whatever you speak about is just a gem, starting for the FSP you discovered to me right now for example! Stay lightning us with your crypto and live vision, please. And to end with a slightly delicate question... as you mentioned @boxminning or (another of your gems) @cryptocandor, I wanted to ask your opinion about my second crypto guru after you: "The Ready Set Crypto", thanks in advanced.
Dipankar (11 months ago)
Dude glad to see u back....only channel I used to trust before u took sabbatical from YouTube..
Zach Says (11 months ago)
Why do you think you can never learn about EOS? As a dec, I think you can learn the concepts without reading the code.
Let's Invest (11 months ago)
There are so many ethereum-like projects out there claiming to be the best smart contract project for this reason or the other. The people who determine the value of those projects are the developers who decide to develop on them, in my opinion. I am not a developer. I am a cryptoCURRENCY user only. I can really only judge with strong convictions projects that fit ME. I can learn alot about EOS, but not the same as I can learn about simpler projects like DASH, bitcoin, etc.
studi0z (11 months ago)
end of 2018 i added ICON to my portfolio !
nazim mehboob (11 months ago)
Hey man. Welcome back! We missed you.
Yiannis Kteniadakis (11 months ago)
Wow !!! Really liked your new video ...Welcome back
chris12row (11 months ago)
Here is a great video about EOS for you : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sG9jZJ8cdEs&t=0s&list=PL6crxepD_FYq0quR-6kBB9OOA9Bko1RGn&index=36
DK Surname (11 months ago)
Welcome back dude.
Ai Em (11 months ago)
hey welcome back! one year ago you were one of the few who got me into crypto. today i cashed out a good part of it and am now looking for the next good oportunity to invest in
Jonathan De Landsheere (11 months ago)
Ai Em Catapult is closed source and is developped behind closed doors. That’s why you don’t see any updates on Github. Check the official NEM website, Telegram and Twitter for updates. https://blog.nem.io/nem-announces-beta-launch-of-catapult-a-full-featured-blockchain-engine/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
Ai Em (11 months ago)
one thing: my fundamentals about NEM have changed since the github seems quite dead. not part of my long holdings anymore
Ai Em (11 months ago)
still a believer into crypto tho!
S. (11 months ago)
Good to see you back mate! You were one of the first crypto YouTubers I followed and boy has a lot happened since your last video! Please get back to regular videos! And why TON ICO? The token metrics look horrible with such a large cap.
Let's Invest (11 months ago)
I haven't looked SUPER deep into it yet. But I trust Telegram, I've used them forever and their service is great and their user base is already crypto friendly. Currently TG has 200 Mill. users, bitcoin only has about 28.5 million as a HIGH estimate. (source: www.bitcoinmarketjournal.com/how-many-people-use-bitcoin/) . I just think TG would bring user friendly crypto to the masses. However, I'll have to do more research before I invest. Thanks!
Mr. Arian (11 months ago)
+1 to the TON question.
Sean Ballard (11 months ago)
You're a gem. Much <3 & NEM ftw
Freddan0 (11 months ago)
you the man
Clayton Coco (11 months ago)
Good to hear from you again, we missed you!
Alex Wu (11 months ago)
Welcome back. I didn't know about Free State Project. I may join you.
Richard Raizes (11 months ago)
It would be great to get your thoughts on Bitcoin Cash since it was created while you were gone.
Sean Ballard (11 months ago)
Richard Raizes following
Ernesto SV (11 months ago)
Hey! Welcome back!! Stay don’t go!!
iwannababillionaire (11 months ago)
Fu** yeah man, you were one of the first few videos I trusted when I got started on crypto. Glad you're back!!! Keep posting
Mr. Arian (11 months ago)
iwannababillionaire 110% agree!
Eben Theva (11 months ago)
Welcome back.. Missed you!!!
Scelo Zuma (11 months ago)
Welcome back brother!!!
eruid (11 months ago)
good to have ya back
MyFreeAdvice (11 months ago)
Actual super Hero is back
omane moses (11 months ago)
This channel was my crypto foundation, good to have you back.
Crypto Nesian (11 months ago)
Definitely my favorite channel on YT! Good to have you back. Good to see you still have the same sense of conviction since your first videos. Love it!!!
John Smith (11 months ago)
In consideration of the viability of DAPs, google “the fallacies of distributed computing”
John Smith (11 months ago)
I appreciate your recognizing the bubble mania and making a point not to feed into it.
Nick P. Wilde (11 months ago)
Heyyyy! Welcome back!! Your one of the old channels that helped to persuade me to invest in crypto. Not only have I made a ton of $$$$ but ive seen the reason that the world needs cryptocurrency! Unbank the banks, stay strong man! :]
J H (9 months ago)
+yutuniopati tether is backed by equal usd amount in bank accounts.. usd cryptized buddy
Nick P. Wilde (11 months ago)
I understand all the risks but its been working out so far. Tethers a ticking time bomb really.
yutuniopati (11 months ago)
"Tether 100%" Are you suicidal ?
Nick P. Wilde (11 months ago)
yutuniopati Heck no! Tether 100%, then when I think the markets going to have a green wave I invest it all back into other coins. Its a cycle really, rinse and repeat.
yutuniopati (11 months ago)
Nick P. Wilde And of course you send the ton of $$$ you made in.... a bank ? 🙂
FrankenFoods (11 months ago)
Old School is back!
Crypt Topher (11 months ago)
When Nem hit the 2$ Mark I thought like this one youtuber who made the Nem Video back then gotta be so happy now haha. You got a really strong mind for not even selling during all the uncertainty respect!
J H (9 months ago)
+Crypt Topher yeah buddy.. remember to sell with a profit regularly.. keep the whole cycle and repeat it.. im going in and trying to profit on emb, pho, peng, doge, evn and others now. i bought Linda in 14 sat.. ☺
Crypt Topher (11 months ago)
Let's Invest It‘s like you said in the Video nobody knew high it could go. Some sold way to early and others never sold flew to the moon and now back in direction earth hoping for another moonshot. So I guess taking atleast a small percentage of those profits on the way up is a good strategy.
Let's Invest (11 months ago)
Hopefully I made the right choice lol
Harish Kumar Palaniswamy (11 months ago)
Good to have you back man
Danger Close (11 months ago)
You never heard of Credits?
John Smith (11 months ago)
Fuck yeah, you’re back man! I appreciated your vids after having been DCA purchasing BTE for several years w/o thinking about it at all. It was good to learn about the alts and development in BTE Also... Dash is dildos. Its a premined scam with an incredible 20% reward in perpetuity to the founder/foundation! Aside from its scammy nature its founder/foundation is its point of failure which a gov could attack and destroy, or co-opt very easily. I wont even go into the problems w POS

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