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2018 Ethereum Mining Guide: Lets mine Crypto Currency together with Claymore Miner!

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Handy GPU tool https://www.techpowerup.com/download/techpowerup-gpu-z/ Download the Miner https://nanopool.org/ My Wallet Address 0xeE0eB5055E00e08352BbE58Ec5A3C152a948cb9D Make your own Ethereum Wallet if you so wish. https://www.ethereum.org/ See how my Ethereum Wallet's progress is going. https://eth.nanopool.org/account/0xee0eb5055e00e08352bbe58ec5a3c152a948cb9d
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Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
You can see how our Mining attempts have progressed here: https://eth.nanopool.org/account/0xee0eb5055e00e08352bbe58ec5a3c152a948cb9d im so excited to see who helps out! i couldnt mine anything on my own, but with your help we could really have some fun!
GeekBoy03 (1 year ago)
I was going to fire this up when I saw there is a Linux version as Windows just takes up too many resources. So then I discover there is no open source version of the Claymore's Miner. Very suspicious if you ask me with this coming from an unknown source except Google Drive/Forum. Even Google Drive is reporting "Virus detected" on the Windows version. Maybe we need to look for another way to do this?
GeekBoy03 (1 year ago)
Have you seen that Barnacules Nerdgasm Ethereum miner build he did? 8 GeForce 1060s and system with 64GB of RAM. This was from 6 months ago, but said which the value at that time, was making $15 a day in profit. The system build had a build value of $12,000, but he got it for free as it was a sponsored build. I think the value has gone down in half since then.
-Rock- Nation (1 year ago)
0.5 ETH Giveaway just join here and participate: Join here: https://discord.gg/MgAJvQ4
Dizy Tizy (1 year ago)
Rinoa if you looking at the calculation page its probably wrong. If your hash rate is +-15 000 you could get your pay out in 4 months. I've reached 0.02 Etherium in 7 Days with a hash rate of 17000. Which means in 70 days I will get a payout. Because I have an AMD RX480 8G OC - I'm going to use windows 10 64bit and update my GPU drivers to allow for the compute function. Selecting the compute function will take my hash rate up to about 27000 and if i increase the memory clock slightly with afterburner Utility and turn up the fans to keep the GPU under 60Degrees then I can get 30,000 Hash rate.
JOSEPH HULL (1 year ago)
Eduard Andrei (4 days ago)
25 MH is good hash rate?
Rinoa Super-Genius (4 days ago)
sure, its good for having fun.
Dan Laurentiu (3 months ago)
YE MEN, GRAB YOUR BASEBALL AND LETS GO PLAY FOOTBALL =)))) Holy Geezuz, even girls looking for mining. Yup, that use to be fun, have a try now, is fucken horible, we need like 20 video cards to get same value as last year or so.....
crypto mania (7 months ago)
hey guys what is the website of claymore? can i mine in the philippines?
testatinromania (8 months ago)
Nice video, you help a lot of people. With shapphire 570 itx with 4gb ram, I got 27 MH/s, yes but you need bios mod. Now the Radeon card cost 200 euro. So, with 2 cards itx you get 54 MH/s, that's better than one Vega 64 or ti1080. I know it's not easy to configure, but is better to know the best miners of the moment.
Kien Bui (8 months ago)
Hi, I followed the instruction on how to setup etherium (claymore file). However, when I run the Start file, it opened up for 2 second then it close. Did i miss something? pls help. Thanks
Trevor Hare (9 months ago)
look here is a way better miner dev fee 0.65% and i get 2+ mh from my 7 gpu rig https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2647654.0
Siden Corp. (10 months ago)
im in Rinoa
Siden Corp. (10 months ago)
can i retask my asic miner
Lee Brittingham (11 months ago)
Are you still mining eth
Rinoa Super-Genius (11 months ago)
no i dont need the heat anymore
Yadu Darmapalan (11 months ago)
i cant download claymore from nanopool
Paras dabas (11 months ago)
hi.. pls tell me the address you put in the text , could be of any eth wallet or do i have to use some other some specific wallets.???
Monty Sandhu (1 year ago)
Ive tried asking people this i keep getting this error cant seem to fix it GPU 0, GpuMiner cu_kd failed 4 (0), unspecified launch failure GPU 0, Calc DAG failed! Setting DAG epoch #181 for GPU0 GPU 0, CUDA error 4 - cannot write buffer for DAG GPU 0 failed i get this in red letters ive made sure my clock speed on my gpu isnt to high i have a Nvidea 1050 ti 6GB GPU
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
probably too small then.
Monty Sandhu (1 year ago)
sorry its actually 4gb vram n its ok i jus thought id ask people that are into this if they've ever herd of this problem or not
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
odd, im not knowledgable enough on this to be of much help. how much ram is required now? could be 6gb isnt big enough anymore.
Jonathan Natad (1 year ago)
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white shoes (1 year ago)
hii i want to sell my mining rig 1 month old onlu 13 gpu 6 galax graphics card 1080 ashrock motherboard if any one want then contact me on whatsapp 9825190915
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
why whatsapp?
Steven Mark (1 year ago)
You should mine on ethermine.org minimum payout is .05
mo was (1 year ago)
fun ..
Isaac Marquina (1 year ago)
i really love geek girls you look so cute
Kodi Pagan Shqiptare (1 year ago)
you spend more than make little crypton shit et
H Sam (1 year ago)
What's he current average daily earning rate?
Bloodshed Romance (1 year ago)
RX480 gets around 17-20 currently. I was doing ETH and LBC... although LBC seems to be having issues.. or its my pool having issues.. supernova.cc is what i'm using for Lbry coin (LBC) and DwarfPool is what i'm using for ETH currently.
A. JAY (1 year ago)
I think you are smart and Cute too :-) , thank you for the tips, keep the Great works on
Kimo Sabe (1 year ago)
I support you!
Brian Cabalic (1 year ago)
take that 50 cents and buy some chapstick =) subscribed!
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
hah! yeah i have plenty of it but i tend to forget it
btc cryptohuge (1 year ago)
Kramer Parker (1 year ago)
Hello, another investment which you will never regret doing is the mining of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash and others. With a maintenance fee as low as necessary to guarantee pool safety, daily maintenance and excellent security. With hardwares like nVidia GigaByte GeForce, Ebit E9 Miner 6.5T Bitcoin Miner, T9 Antminer that provides 160% profit ratio. If you buy a contract of 1 BTC for 6 months, you should be expecting 1.6 BTC ($17,330). The T9 Antminer is an ASIC Bitcoin miner from Bitmain. This is one of the best machines on the market for the home bitcoin miner. You can also mine Bitcoin through a cloud mining contract. T9 Specifications: 1. Hash Rate 12.5TH/s. A variation of +/- 5% is expected. 2. Power Consumption 1576W +7% (at the wall, with Bitmain's APW3 PSU, 93% efficiency, 25°C ambient temperature) 3. Power Efficiency 0.126J/GH + 7% (at the wall, with Bitmain's APW3 PSU, 93% efficiency, 25°C ambient temperature) 4. DC Voltage Input 11.60 ~ 13.00V 5. Chip Type BM1387 6. Chip quantity per unit 171 chips 7. Dimensions 350mm (l) x 135mm (w) x 158mm (h) 8. Cooling Two 12038 fans. Front fan: 6000RPM, rear fan: 4300RPM 9. Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C 10. Network connection Ethernet Feel free to contact me via ([email protected] com). Also take note that equipment cost can vary, block reward is fixed at 12.5 BTC and future block reward reductions are not taken into account.
HDTV (1 year ago)
Hey sexy what about mining now very small income its go more down or will up
Atul Singh Negi (1 year ago)
Love you
javed quraishi (1 year ago)
Earn 300000 ETHEREUM http://ethcombo.com/?i=282175
alphawolfpack (1 year ago)
lets conquer the world !!!! I'm in
BRI2K TV (1 year ago)
Can the reward justify the cost of electricity to run all the computers? How do you control distribution of funds once they are issued?
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
if you are going to use the electricity for heating your house, then its effectively free crypto currency.
george lopez (1 year ago)
how do I check my progress
ifrit05 (1 year ago)
I am using Nicehash but was thinking about switching to Ethereum. Got a R9 390X, GTX 1070 Ti, and a RX 460 mining 24/7. Also got a spare R9 280X and a HD 4870 just sitting collecting dust. I was going to buy a 4 GPU miner rig soon. Might think about joining your pool to help out. :P
Lee Capili (1 year ago)
After 10 shares, you can decrease the minimum payout to 0.05.
William Huang (1 year ago)
2 GTX 1070, 1080, 1080ti, Radeon RX 480, 580, Vega 56 or 64. It's much recommended to run on SSD (Solid State Drive) instead of hard drives. SSDs are more efficient and delivers greater speeds than hard drives, because there are no moving parts. The most reliable SSDs are Samsung 860 EVO, 860 PRO, and 960 EVO (M.2 model).
Julien Monney (1 year ago)
If like me you do not want to invest in hardware to mine coins, you can always turn to Cloud Mining. There is still room to rent power. You can start with little on Hashflare: https://hashflare.io/r/5C0FE4CB Or invest more on Genesis Mining: https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/2241716 Or use your own PC or GPU on Miner Gate: https://minergate.com/a/26191583b0e444ee0a80742f Happy Mining!
Part Time (1 year ago)
go to nanopool setting and change default withdraw value amount. don't forget to write your email in your setting.bat file in order to change it. you don't have to wait 1 years to get 0.2 instead of 0.05 is minimum they will send it to your wallet. hope this helps.
BeastWhisperer (1 year ago)
is this girl cute or what ??? :))
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
lol thanks
David Simpson (1 year ago)
I found nicehash good
Sebastien Lambert (1 year ago)
Hello! I just started mining this week. but if i can suggest you something easy and get a little money almost every month you can use Nicehash or Winminer. you will get 1$ to 2$ everyday i have the same graphic card on my son PC. and its getting 1,20$ /day using cpu+gpu on winminer, it mine ZEN for the gpu. and ETN for the cpu. I just mine for fun right now using 3 Gaming pc. Since its damn cold here. the 1000watts gaming rig. heat my house :) it mean i dont pay extra for electricity and i can get money :) btw thanks for the video :)
Sebastien Lambert (1 year ago)
ASUS_ROG(1 CPU, 1 GPU) Intel CPU ETN → 105.000H/s 0.25$/day GTX 780M ZEN → 52.000H/s 67°C 0.28$/day Total 0.53$/day BRAD-PC(1 CPU, 1 GPU) Intel CPU ETN → 139.000H/s 0.33$/day GTX 960 ZEN → 161.000H/s 904 RPM (26%) 65°C 0.86$/day Total 1.19$/day DESKTOP-XTREME(1 CPU, 4 GPUs) Intel CPU ETN → 292.000H/s 0.68$/day GTX 690 ZEN → 61.000H/s 2310 RPM (68%) 83°C 0.33$/day GTX 690 ZEN → 66.000H/s 2340 RPM (57%) 79°C 0.36$/day GTX 690 ZEN → 62.000H/s 2160 RPM (62%) 81°C 0.34$/day GTX 690 ZEN → 67.000H/s 2160 RPM (59%) 80°C 0.36$/day Total 2.07$/day
cotton picker (1 year ago)
hey i got a qeustion. iv mined a little bit of money through claymore but i dont know how to deposit my cash. iv went on my ether account but my money is not there. please help me
cotton picker (1 year ago)
yea i tried to change it but it just errored when i set it to 0.05 so im going to wait until i have 0.05 to do that
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
itll deposite automatocally to the account you mined it for. you will have to change the setting from 0.2 to 0.05 to do that though
cotton picker (1 year ago)
what do i do when i reach 0.05ETH how do i deposit it into my account then?
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
you cant get just a little bit, you have to reach the minimum payout. nanopool's payout minimum is 0.05ETH.
Minecraft And More (1 year ago)
I'm getting a 1060
AvE (1 year ago)
Yes, I'm in!
Ceotheis (1 year ago)
Have you shown your miner on your channel? Maybe you should take apart your gpu and try to put it back together lol. Love your channel man, learn so much!
PRUIKKI RACING (1 year ago)
r9 290 Claymore+nanopool i get 26.9mh and thats high for a old,single card from 2013(but draws 2x mo powah that rx580) Claymore+nanopool You can buy used pc,and have 2 gpu s in most computers. Your welcome
PRUIKKI RACING (1 year ago)
To do mining, that is solid configuration for on the side miners. 1-3 card, then that setup is good,Claymore+ nanopool :D
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
welcome for what?
I'm in love!!!! smart and miner in one person! I think you should try nicehash now it's back or minergate.
Rinoa Super-Genius How can I help you, you started your own pool? Have a nice day.
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
yeah ive been playing around with nicehash, but already got people helping me with ETH so i dont want to abandon the project i started.
Sekhar Dadi (1 year ago)
Direct command no need to create batch file. ' EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool eth-asia1.nanopool.org:9999 -ewal 0x43F77Aec48529937367f3228F07dE4f3cCd0D638.sys-01/[email protected] -epsw x - allpools 1 -ethi 8
kifla (1 year ago)
Sekhar Dadi yeah no
Michael Rawlins (1 year ago)
I like you idea of stating a pool
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
more like just a mining team using the same pool as others.
Can it run crysis?
JTEnterprise III (1 year ago)
Great video!......btw,you look like Tara from the the show Walking Dead, minus the glasses.
Nichita Sarapov (1 year ago)
i have a GTX1060 6gb and i got a share in less then 10 minutes. Is this good? (18.6 hashes) EDIT: I get a share in less then 5 minutes.
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
thats pretty good, can take my computer an hour sometimes.
YCbCr (1 year ago)
Nanopool can be set to a minimal payout of 0.05 eth, it's adjustable :)
Colin (1 year ago)
Well you could use MSI Afterburner . To tweek the settings . Rase the fan speed and lower the voltage some and bump up the core clock speed so you get more has rates . I got rid of my GTX 950 and went to the larger GTX 970 . I get like 274.053 H/s thats on nicehash miner
Colin (1 year ago)
Colin (1 year ago)
You go girl mine those damn coins .
Colin (1 year ago)
I mentioned her . I tough it was an different youruber
in order to get the better hashrates you have to over clock and flash a modded bios to the 960 but you could also be fucked by the silicon lottery
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
yeah id rather not do anything crazy like that just yet.
Hey rinoa you shouldn't be mining eth with a 960 its not very profitable you should mine zec which will pay out weekly instead of every 1 and a half months and will make about 40usd instead of the 15usd mining eth will make eth favors Radeon gpus will equihash favors nvidia
Yeah i agree about that im just saying if you use claymore zec miner you'll get more profit and faster payouts with zec https://zec.nanopool.org/help its pretty much identical setup with 3x more profit and you can always swap to eth with an exchange or changelly/bitly/shapeshift and still be making more than double so you can do more stuff with it
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
well its power that was going to my spaceheater so the electricity is essentially free.
Best cards for mining are 580 480 for eth and either 1050 to 1080ti for zec or any other equihash coins 1060 gets around 330 with the right OC and 1060 gets about 330 sol 1070 about 440
i don't think you should call this a guide maybe "call it i tried crypto mining" or "im learning to crypto mine" since their are many other guides and better methods
Rinoa Super-Genius I'm saying you did mislabel it and it meswell of been the other since they are equally accurate. There's egough fake information going around the block chain world which I then end up having to correct later when I meet people who think all the crypto currency's are called a Bitcoin this is a big issue across YouTube and other media sites that are jumping onto cryptocurrency withought much experience either way what you did isn't as bad as others mislabeling and I'm sorry I think this came out harsher then I meant and I'm a big fan of your channel just frustrated with all this mislabled incorrect or outdated cryptocurrency info in general and I think I took it out partially on you sorry
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
thats not how this works, having keywords that dont fit the video doesnt help since the YT AI can understand the video's subject. its strange, you say your for integrity yet mention i might as well have mislabeled it. i dont get where your going with this or what you yapping on about tbh. i dont see how my video is any bit misleading, it is a guide to how i did it. get over it. and dont even pretend to accuse me of clickbaiting, there is a difference between clickbait and good title design.
Yeah but you could've also called it "Crypto mining gone wrong/sexual 100% guaranteed amazement get rich quick 420 bitcoin Logan paul (NOT CLICK BAIT)" and that would have more keywords i'm just saying integrity is important and click baiting for views may up views but it can hurt subs in the long run when they get sick of it.
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
mostly just matters what will get into people's searches since "i tried crypto" doesnt have the right keywords.
Fook Utube (1 year ago)
I guess i need a new desktop lol.my was HDDR2 (hynix) ,500 mb memory.But my bandwidth is 9GB/s.....Yip i think its time to replace my 10 year old pc....
downDOGMA (1 year ago)
Yes! Will join you
keagan (1 year ago)
OVER CLOOCK YOUR VRAM ON YOUR Card grab something called MSI afterburner and do the most memory overclock you possibly could get away with because it loves overclocked memory. I have an RX 480 running about 28 megahashes right now I have an overclocked 14.75 megahertz with it on water cooling and it consumed that roughly in the neighborhood of 105 Watts
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
i overclocked it's ram by about 300mhz and it didnt really do much. overclocking the gpu by 150mhz didnt really help much either, just pushed it from 5.5 to 6gh/s
James Madden (1 year ago)
How can I set this up for Rpi's? I have 4 orange pi zero's I wanna add.
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
dont think you can, sorry.
kyl nit (1 year ago)
I'd join with a gtx1070 ftw but not full time :/
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
lol of course not full time, just whatever you find is a fun amount of time. ^^
The Keto Chief (1 year ago)
I hade 0.2 bit coin I earned back in the day then the market crashed and what happened did and was in clear well I ended up being one of them people who lost it. I also ended up one of the people who never got it back. I will check this out but to me with the info I have got on it from people I know who are into the government and what they do . I have learned that trump and it started back when Obama was in office are trying with every other country that is part of the un to banned crypto currencies they want to ban them.
RGHxFTW (1 year ago)
Well count me in. I have an rx 550 and an r9 270x and my room is entirely solar powered. Might as well hop on board!
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
yeah sadly it looks like its increased in requirements.
RGHxFTW (1 year ago)
Now I’m sad. My gpu’s are 2GB and you need more to mine
RGHxFTW (1 year ago)
Whenever my WiFi card wants to stop acting up I’ll get to it lol. Btw you should do a video update on your Nissan Leaf cells. See if their capacity has degraded overtime and maybe even do experiments In making a portable battery pack that goes into a backpack or something and or maybe get some small solar cells and make a little solar panel for it (100 small 500mA cells are like $17 on eBay)
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
welcome to the mining team! :D
Pașca Alexandru (1 year ago)
I see your hash had gone up from 5mh/s on the tube to 80ish on the pool. Donors or you took this seriously and started a small farm? You need around 300mh/s for one eth per month. Up the stakes or consider alts with lower difficulty. :) I started with r9 290 and I keep tose still plugged as they are just half as efficient as a recent rx gpu. R7 370 are kinda available on the markets. Pokie fingers needed in the bioses for them to hash top notch. ;)
hey7328 (1 year ago)
ethermine will payout at 0.01 ETH after 7 days of no payout
Paul Ledger (1 year ago)
Okay so after reading more about the AMD based cards like my RX 480. AMD released a beta driver/card bios(?) that you could install and it makes it much better at computing things but way worse at gaming and the sorts. Skip forward some reading, the latest version of AMD Crimson software or whatever they call the settings control panel for AMD cards(this is my first), has a setting that you can change the "GPU Workload" from the newest gaming driver, or the compute block chain drivers on the the fly. Completely stock everything on this RX 480 using the gaming GPU workload I was getting 17.9Mh/sec just changing the driver over I get 24.5Mh/sec. That is one hell of an increase if any members are using RX cards or AMD cards that this works with. Worth a look into!
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
wow really? thats cool! :D
grassiew (1 year ago)
You can change the minimum payout to .05 on nanopool. You should use at least a 1060 6gig.
bimmers50e30 (1 year ago)
what wallet are you useing. I was going to point one of my miners to nanopool but it didn't seem to like it. how about i just send you some eth? I use metamask for a wallet. The mist one from the etherium people dosen't work well, and i don't want to send you ETH if it'll take days for you to get it.
-Rock- Nation (1 year ago)
0.5 ETH Giveaway just join here and participate: Join here: https://discord.gg/MgAJvQ4
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
i ended up having to delete the entire folder of blocks and let it rebuild it and now it worked. thanks for the ethereum!
bimmers50e30 (1 year ago)
Rinoa Super-Genius hey that's closer. Once it gets to the block where I sent ETH to your wallet address. Your wallet will show that it received it. So just keep letting it try to update
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
lol, now im having the problem where it wont finish the last 1%, and i cant find anything of help on the internet regarding it, just a bunch of other people having the same problem but no helpful solutions.
bimmers50e30 (1 year ago)
don't feel sorry. keep searching the forums and google.
My PlayHouse (1 year ago)
It can be fun to mine,, but if it's to make money off, I think just buying it is better. Take the money you was going to spend on mining hardware and power and buy the crypto currency. Let's say you would spend $300 on a GPU and $100 on power for this. Buy it instead. You might get 0.5 a Crypto Currency whatever or more,,, that could take you ½ a year to mine. I did Bitcoin back in 2013 to,, I bought 10BC and then I used about the same money and ½ a year on mining 4.5BC,, lost most of it when Mtgox was hacked or what ever went on. :-) easy come easy go,,, But it can be fun.
JTEnterprise III (1 year ago)
true, but with mining, once you have recovered your ROI, you're earning crypto now and just paying for electricity.
GeekBoy03 (1 year ago)
I am not sure how those are "lost" since a ledger states they belong to a specific account until a transaction is done.
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
oh and also i like the idea of mining it yourself because you can end up with nice hardware at the least.
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
but the power is free in this case since im using it as a space heater. haha
アーデン (1 year ago)
I suggest doing more research on crypto currency. There are much better coins to mine and you can make much more from it if you are smart about it. Screw trying to mine ethereum.
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
this is how i do research, by trying it out.
Mike Moondog (1 year ago)
I read some promotional information about this cryptocurrency. The information about now the end user makes money over time, vague. There was also a logo shaped like a pyramid. If this was a legitimate way for people to make a good profit, they, whoever They are, wouldn't be asking people to risk spending money over a long period of time to hopefully turn a profit that is worth the time, money and resources you spent in the process. I believe this cryptocurrency is a sophisticated scam using networked computers over the internet to turn a profit for a few who set at the top of the pyramid looking down and laughing at those they have successfully fooled. A honest business would be translucent in their approach to you and would provide you with all the necessary tools in one package from the beginning. When you agree to use your time, money and resources you should clearly know what is required of you and what is required of the business you are electing to profit from. Their using thousands of peoples computers through the internet to do complex calculations and who knows what else to generate great sums of money that they will never share with you. You have to understand, without doubt, the viciousness of people. Stop, look and listen. You may have to do things other people created for you to do, but you don't have to like it. Resist those that mean you harm. Take control of your life.
Mike Moondog (1 year ago)
Rinoa Super-Genius It should be easy to understand exactly what it's all about. It's like someone took 18 million dollars in the form of one cent pieces and buried them in a mountain for people to dig up, but in the process of digging, any gold, silver, diamonds found belong to the entity that created the gimmick.
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
its a real crypto currency, it doesnt make the user money over time it IS the money.
vanheede brecht (1 year ago)
u should mine smartcash i ged in like 7 -8 hours 3-4 smartcash now around 6 euros
Henrik (1 year ago)
If you want to have people mine for you, have a look at Monero and Coinhive. Coinhive provides a JavaScript library for mining. You could set up a website and people just have to visit it to mine for you. Much easier.
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
yeh maybe later, but for now im still having some fun experimenting with ethereum and claymore.
TheFurriestOne (1 year ago)
Interesting stuff, be a good use use for a couple of semi-flaky video cards I have, if I had enough parts to build a computer around them. Hope your experiment goes well!
Barut Tech (1 year ago)
No you can change it to 0.05 minimum payout
jonnoMoto (1 year ago)
The minimum payout is 0.05. the default is 0.2
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
yeah others have informed me on that, thanks though.
You can lower the minimum payment amount, from the nanopool settings to an absolute minimum of 0.05 Eth. You are welcome
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
yeah others have informed me on that, thanks anyway though
bimmers50e30 (1 year ago)
drawfpool is wheere im at... 0.01 min pay out i think
Nathan Schmidt (1 year ago)
As the vice president of a Linux User Group I feel obligated to give some advice; saying you're thinking of using a Linux based distribution. Firstly, a lot of the people I know who use Gnu/Linux for scientific computing (a.k.a. everyone I know who does scientific computing) prefer Debian[1]. It's fairly simple to set up. Just go with the default options during installation. If you don't need Cuda support (which it looks like you don't for this) then all you'll need is to install the proprietary graphics driver. Although Nouveau (free-software driver) comes with Debian and works fine for graphics, Nividia's unwillingness to give specifications for interfacing with their hardware means that Nouveau doesn't support non-graphics computing tasks. It's super simple to do, just add two words to a file and copy and paste two lines into a shell as root [2]. Less specific to Gnu/Linux, I'd imagine that a lot of extra computational power can be squeezed out of your card by overclocking it. I've had some friends who did exactly that with GeForce cards while doing a computational physics project. Be careful with it though; from what my friend said, they burned through graphics cards like nothing else. Having said that, it is still a possibility[3], though one I haven't messed with much. Feel free to message me if you have any questions on the matter. That is, of course, assuming that you don't already know all this on some level and I'm not just flapping my jaw. You seem like the type that can hold their own in this domain. [1] https://www.debian.org/ [2] https://wiki.debian.org/NvidiaGraphicsDrivers#Debian_9_.22Stretch.22 [3] https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTY1OTM
Nathan Schmidt (1 year ago)
Hm... Adobe Premiere might work using Wine. It also might be completely unusable too. I might mess with it and see.
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
i spent like 4 days experimenting with every video editing software i could find for linux and couldnt find anything to beat Blender..... which i love Blender with all my heart since 2007 but it sucks at video editing compared to adobe premiere. haha
Nathan Schmidt (1 year ago)
I have heard good things about Kdenlive; but I'm no expert when it comes to video editing. Fair enough though, learning a new set of software+operating system is a journey in itself. I'm guessing that the professor my friend was working under had more money that he was obligated to spend on computers than he knew what to do with... Also to put it in to perspective, even saying that you increase the clock rate by 2%, you'd have likely increased the number of instructions executed by much more than your imac increased by. However, in the context of any computer, 2% doesn't feel like much of a difference (just as it wouldn't be while mining for cryptocurrencies). Kind of makes me want to mess with "overclocking" some of my Z80 chips to see how far they can go. Anyway, regards, and good luck bit-shuffling :)
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
ive played around with linux, and done a few things with others regarding linux but im still very inexperienced. honestly im just waiting for linux to support a high quality video editor then i'm ready to convert. but until then i havent been able to spend more than a few days playing with it. haha so thanks. i think i'll stick with windows for now since it seems to be working ok. others have recommended nicehash and that might actually be an interesting experiment also. just tried overclocking, the little bit that i could get out of my card just wasnt worth it. i was expecting to increase it by like 25% power like i did with my imac g3 but this graphics card gives issues when i take it up even 10%, crazy.
Zach Minnesota (1 year ago)
What GTX 960 do you have that uses GDDR3? I thought they all used GDDR5.
TheZizzly (1 year ago)
GPU-Z v2.5.0 is the latest. You used v0.6.4 from August 10th, 2012.
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
interesting, maybe its an issue with cpu-z then.
TheZizzly (1 year ago)
https://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-960/specifications : Memory Interface = GDDR5, Memory Interface Width = 128-bit.
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
+Karol what makes it impossible?
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
well you learn something every day. haha
roomba (1 year ago)
When bitcoin mining came out I said, "Yeah yea right that will never be a big thing." I could of made a fortune in bitcoin.
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
well its most likely not going to stay a big thing, but at least it is as the moment.
nickt (1 year ago)
you could use nicehash instead. it switches algorithms/currencies based on the most profitable and pays out at 0.001 btc
Blank (1 year ago)
Why don't you just use awesome miner and zpool to mine alt coins and get paid in bitcoin? You'll make way more.
Steve Erisman (1 year ago)
Yep: https://www.nicehash.com/profitability-calculator/nvidia-gtx-960?e=0.1&currency=USD NiceHash seems to think that NeoScript is more profitable than Ethereum for that GPU as well
Blank (1 year ago)
Steve Erisman yeah a 960 should make about $2 per day actually after increased electric.
Steve Erisman (1 year ago)
or use nicehash and mine whatever is most profitable at the moment and get paid out in bitcoin. Minimum payout is 0.001 or about $15 with current rates.
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
well because i wanted to try this first.
perfecto1986 (1 year ago)
I used to mine verge and ubiq the difficulty is way lower then eth. Also check vertcoin it has the one click miner.
Artemis Rumbinger (1 year ago)
I'm in!!
Artemis Rumbinger (1 year ago)
Rinoa Super-Genius Thanks Coach!
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
welcome to the mining team. :D
maltatravel (1 year ago)
1050 should do around 15mh/s 1060 anywhere from 16 - 25 mh/s depends on the memory type 1070 can do up to 30 mh/s 1080ti does upto 35 mh/s tip: avoid cards with hynix memory if possible as they don't over clock well at all compared to samsung or micron!
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
thanks for the overclocking tip, i've never overclocked anything new so i dont really know much about that.
maltatravel (1 year ago)
Buy an Nvidia 10 series Graphic card... A gtx1050ti 4gb is quite good and its the cheapest 10 series, gtx1060 3gb is also good, 1070 is better but expensive... 1080ti is not too good for ethereum as because its too expensive for the hash rate it provides
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
if i was going to buy a new graphics card, it would probably be a 1080 so i could run an VR headset well whenever i buy one.
Scott Diburro (1 year ago)
You might make more with a new updated computer
Spectt84 (1 year ago)
FYI, on the Nanopool page that shows you your stats and performance for that wallet address also has a settings tab. You can change the default payout from .2 to .05... I get a payout every other week or so...
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
yeah some others mentioned that also, but thanks!
Chad (1 year ago)
you should mine something else and sell that for ETH if thats what you want
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
im just kinda mining whatever, but yeah it seems i could do more that way. either way for now this is fun.
Jonathan J (1 year ago)
What _is_ mining?
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
hahaha no problem :P
Jonathan J (1 year ago)
Sorry that I can't help make you filthy stinkin rich with minimal effort on my part.
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
btw you could probably mine yourself some with nicehash like others have suggested, im currently tinkering with that on a 2nd computer as we speak.
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
yeah someone else mentioned that, i didnt realize it had changed when filming this video. sorry about that.
Jonathan J (1 year ago)
I ran into an error: CUDA error - cannot allocate big buffer for DAG. Check readme.txt for possible solutions. GPU 0 failed Setting DAG epoch #163 for GPU0 GPU 0, CUDA error 11 - cannot write buffer for DAG ETH: 01/13/18-20:15:17 - New job from eth-us-east1.nanopool.org:9999 ETH - Total Speed: 0.000 Mh/s, Total Shares: 0, Rejected: 0, Time: 00:00 ETH: GPU0 0.000 Mh/s I have a GTX 950 FTW with 2gbs of memory. The README!! file says that you cannot mine with a 2gb card anymore.
MADS (1 year ago)
Paul Ledger (1 year ago)
Im down to help out!
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
sweet! :D im tinkering with Thinkpad1 for now, might rename it. just in case you thought my computer was being lazy for not finding any shares for a time. hehe
Paul Ledger (1 year ago)
Rinoa Super-Genius I'm Kadroh on the worker list. I just have a single RX 480 in there getting 17.9 MH/sec however I'm reading AMD released beta drivers and it can obtain 30MH/sec. Interesting
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
welcome to the mining team :D
Haydn Gittemeier (1 year ago)
How much did you pay for Adobe Premiere pro?
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
think i got it from someone else, its a really really old version.
It's late here now so i will look into it tomorrow. Here electricity costs around 25cents a kw/h so if my pc isn't that great at it I will take it off again. I have a r9 290x 4gb and a 965m 4gb in my laptop. Back in 2013 everyone wanted the amd gpu's for Bitcoin couse they worked amazingly well at the time. So i hope to still see that when i try this out.
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
oh sweet, thanks! but dont do it if it'll cost you a lot. we happen to have fairly low electricity costs here.
Shane Bellanca (1 year ago)
its not working for me
Shane Bellanca (1 year ago)
Rinoa Super-Genius gtx 750 ti 2gb
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
what error is it giving? and do you have the right graphics card?
Colin (1 year ago)
GTX 960 is an good card . On nice hash web site the GTX 960 pays 0.00015485 BTC thats 2.24 dollars an day . One week 0.00108393 BTC BTC thats 15.65 USD . One Mouth 0.00464541 BTC thats 67.05 USD . Know whats really good more bitcoin goes up more it worth . So 67.05 x 12 mouths is 804.60 an year . The good thing about when you put it in your coin base account you can sell it on coin base an buy your other coin you were wanting . 804.60 just on your video card . You also can mine on your cpu also that will add even more .
Pilot Porkins (1 year ago)
Run it off solar for maximum profit! I think its a good project idea
GeekBoy03 (1 year ago)
You would have to get enough panels to be able to not only power the device during the day, but also to charge the batteries during the day. That is probably going to be at least $2000-$3000 in solar panels, plus enough batteries to keep the rig running for at least 14 hours since there is less sun during the winter months. Then each battery is going to coast about $100 each. Don't forget the battery charge controller, and power inverter.
Solar mining doesnt work well unless your in place with stupidly expensive electricity like a dollar per kwh and at that point diesel generators are a better option. solars just way to expensive and it kills your roi its better to just buy more mines with that money and use grid
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
sounds fair enough, i hope your miner's name will reflect your dog overlordness. haha
WhalerMAC (1 year ago)
Got my 1070, I've tried mining bitcoin and ethereum in the past, but have had not much luck with it. Maybe this could be a fun project and it'll help your channel out! I call being supreme overlord of all dogs when we rule the world though.
Rinoa Super-Genius (1 year ago)
oh sweet! :D and "team" was the word i was looking for all day, couldnt think of it for some reason. the Super-Genius mining team or something. lol

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