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Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Digital currencies are generating a lot of excitement. John Oliver enlists Keegan-Michael Key to get potential investors equally excited about the concept of caution. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Text Comments (13293)
Nenad Vujakovic (1 day ago)
16:28 finally a guy who like's to scream as much as John Oliver....not as annoying as John....YOU D MAN, YOU D MAN...
Kenda Leedom (3 days ago)
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Dexter Bufkin (3 days ago)
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Pauline Mccree (3 days ago)
I've been trading with him for seven months now,his strategies are awesome.
Broderick Gass (3 days ago)
I would love to boost my financial status and I need his assistance for that.
Loyd Glandon (3 days ago)
His skills is amazing he makes me profit too
Joseph Schuh (3 days ago)
+Rickie Raleigh you can reach him as well I just sent him a text chat e-mail ([email protected])
SpookCanNot (4 days ago)
how to do bitcoin: wait for value to drop significantly buy bitcoins wait for value to increase significantly (may take a very long time) transact profit
harry singh (4 days ago)
23:49 when people go crazy because of money...
Kelly Stephenson (5 days ago)
I just can't even ......
Nicholas Ashton (5 days ago)
Fuck you Dan.
Free Speech (5 days ago)
There's money in the picture, These republicans are bowing down and getting paid on the backs of the American people.
Wisewoe Tiswell (6 days ago)
Bitcoin and blockchain suck up INSANE electricity. They need to be constantly calculated all over the world to function and that takes so much electricity you could light up a whole country. This technology is beyond wasteful and expensive.
Deep onion might refer to technologies they implement so it might not be the dumbest name in that list
T33K3SS3LCH3N (6 days ago)
Glad I resisted the FOMO because now cryptos are on the VODO - verge of dying out. Bloody climate destroyers.
MarbleSwan666 (6 days ago)
I still get bit connect ads on youtube
B5429671 XJ (6 days ago)
Bitcoin is just a pyramid scheme with an extra step of wasting energy.
freedem (6 days ago)
I am disappointed. Here I thought he was going to point out that the big bald guy was the new pretending AG. I would not have been surprised, as I hear he was into something similar. If Reagan is defined as the Enron Era and GWBush as the Bare Sterns, Golden Sacks Era then Traitor Don and Cryptocurrencies are certainly a mutual metaphor as well. Looking back on them pump and dump looks like a good description as each sought to Make America Break Again
Krzysztof Sobczyński (7 days ago)
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canadiananim8r (7 days ago)
16:49 i loooooooooooooooooove this show!
DasIllu (8 days ago)
Blockchain: we replace security and trust with the capability to burn fossile fuels to prove we're right. Moving transaction databases to the blockchain will only enable people that do not care about anything to manipulate the hell out of it once it is adopted to point when exploitation makes sense in their view. Another golden age for NVidia and AMD.
Alex Okatch (8 days ago)
The moment I saw Keegan Micheal Key i lost my mind and hit subscribe!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus Medina (8 days ago)
Collegehumor Dan?
DingoAteMyBaby (8 days ago)
Being someone who helped research blockchain for a major company this was really enjoyable
Adu Menya (9 days ago)
Please help Shikusa Primary School https://app.helperbit.com/campaign/5c3256c5931e4f14c98f8110
Sarah Seriah (10 days ago)
"The world's largest financial market in the world."
krebward (10 days ago)
A wild Dan Gurwich appears!
james rearden (10 days ago)
Can you do series on “life” ? What a shit a show it is when you aren’t dealt the right cards...
Profound Warrior (10 days ago)
Keep it rael brah
Adelina Bonta (11 days ago)
Poor Dan
Shalini Ahlawat (12 days ago)
Well you also said Trump won't be president
Asia’s Butterflies (6 days ago)
Shalini Ahlawat he literally lost the popular vote and became president through Russian collusion not through actually winning
Arcanine-Espeon (12 days ago)
AcryllicLLC (13 days ago)
charlie putzel (13 days ago)
Reminds me of the Tulip mania.
Louie de Pointe (13 days ago)
Love it!
ButchE30M3S14 (13 days ago)
Im revisiting, it's 2019! So who gotten rich of Bitcoin? holla!
שחר א. (13 days ago)
4 Asterisk!! Daniel!! period!!
שחר א. (13 days ago)
D. D. D. D. D. D. D. d-dan D. From Last Weak Tonight. Fuck you D. D. D. D. D. Dan from Last Week tonight!!
Michael Delgado (14 days ago)
2019 will be the year Viitasphere takes over! 🚀 twitter.com/@viitasphere
Tony Harding (14 days ago)
ES Price at https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/eos/
Thomas Harris (14 days ago)
Hey, that where that meme come from!!
Gabriel Etinzon (15 days ago)
Lost another 50% since this was aired......
idea faucet (15 days ago)
Brock Pierce, another festy fuck-tard dripping himself in "sacred g" and using words like "intention," when all they intend to do is get rich of naivety.
Vitalline (15 days ago)
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Juphil Jiji (16 days ago)
you know if you could turn 1 small nugget back into an entire chicken then we could monopolise this and make many more. another thing we could develop it to be efficient on humans and although it might not bring the dead back to life it could create extra functioning organs for those who need it. it would be an advancement in the medical industry.
Sam Caraballo (17 days ago)
This is by far the coolest British dude to ever bless American airwaves fucking love you jonny
Vitalline (17 days ago)
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Jammy DodgerMan318 (18 days ago)
Was doing some research and it turns out eos has actually released an open source platform for developing applications that use block chains. The chestahedron man seems to have done what was advertised? O.o
Cybele Ophis (19 days ago)
I wanna head more about Dan and why he's hated
Sammy (19 days ago)
dan from college humor mi heart!!!
Exterioris-vallem (20 days ago)
Money has value because of gold, and gold has value because of rarity, and because humans are retarded.
Cam Brown (20 days ago)
Here's the problem with this. Dan is not right. The US dollar is backed by the Government of the United States. Bitcoin is not. The US Dollar will have value as long as the United States exists. Bitcoin can't say the same.
Joe Antonelli (6 days ago)
"The US dollar is backed by the Government of the United States." <--- statement with no substance; can you give an explanation of what that even means? you could say the same thing about Zimbabwe, Argentina, Venezuela, etc.
Dark Judge (22 days ago)
Why didn't John stay with stuff like this instead of going insane about Trump.
Einomar (21 days ago)
Most of what they have done isn't about Trump. But they couldn't ignore all the stupid shit he has done since he came into office. And why on earth should they?
Krona (22 days ago)
Deep onion a stupid name?? It's obviously a reference to the deep web which uses .onion addresses. Nerd.
casey hoffman (22 days ago)
My Shiba is cuter
maskyschannel (23 days ago)
why is key such a fitting guest to play the bitconnect guy lmao
eRRoRoiD (24 days ago)
I still have roughly 5,000 dogecoin on a hard drive.... somewhere here. lol
Nurdin Kühnel (24 days ago)
Hilarious. Everything that ever pissed me off about that Bitcoin and Blockchain rubbish/bullshit summed up in a 30-minute episode.
oldgranny athlete (25 days ago)
Wow, you know a meme is dodgy when john oliver makes a video
tyrongkojy (25 days ago)
And at this point pretty much nobody accepts it anymore. Not even Amazon. Porn? Some still do, but not many. Now the most reliable things you can buy are drugs, child porn, and the hitmen you'll need to kill the feds now after you from all the drugs and child porn you purchased.
Robert Jackson (26 days ago)
trump tower Moscow
Robert Jackson (26 days ago)
Trump university and Trump's porn star
doug keyes (26 days ago)
Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit = Bitcoin
16:40 bitconnect = MLM party ponzi scam
16:00 pump & dump SCAM
PONZI = 35 mil in 30sec
Ray White (27 days ago)
I want to light that Bitconnect guy on fire.
Noises (29 days ago)
it's 2018. At the start of this year I sold all of my cryptos. BTC had to come back down to retest old levels, $1200, perhaps even $800 BTC HAD to happen. So I sold. And people said I was stupid because it was going to keep going up. Now we're down to around 3200. It will be a few years at least until bitcoin sets a new all time high. In the meantime, expect BTC to wallow in the doldrums while "experts" in the media tell us it was a bubble and it's all over. Mom & Dad investors who got in during 2018 will lose huge amounts of money, and all so the big boys, the wall streets, the fund managers, just so they can get into cryptos at the kinds of prices they want. For the next few years expect almost every news item you see about crypto to be negative, bearish and foretelling doom and the death of crypto. And all the while, watch as volume remains low, but not dead. Watch as small amounts of btc get snapped up at bargain basement prices. And then, watch as the story starts to change. Watch as the news goes from bearish sentiment to bullish. Watch as crypto, around 2023 by my reckoning, booms again and we see a new all time highs from BTC and the other altcoins that survive this FUD storm. I wouldn't speculate on how high the next ATH will be, but BTC's 1st boom was to 1200, the second was to 20,000. Make of that what you will. In eth meantime I've been killing it with a few hundred dollars worth of BTC on bitmex in a 10x short I brought into at $17,500. The lower it goes the more bitcoin I make. I'll sell it coming down of the back of the next all time high, and my initial investment in crypto of $750, which is now over $5,000 will end up closer to $80,000. It's buying time. Ignore the FUD and invest modestly while it's all tanked.
seumas Broderick (19 days ago)
do people not like earn their money by working anymore? why work and provide a valuable service and/or product to humanity when you can just gamble and maybe break even sometime, before you blow it all again on some other gamble??
John Egbert (30 days ago)
# #Crea... #Creafulgang
1000Orgasms (30 days ago)
Neo (1 month ago)
Wow there are really a lot of salty crypto maniacs here. Poor guys got fried in the market and are now hating on John Oliver
NKLA2222 (1 month ago)
Blockchains are not revolutionary. They were just new when implemented in computers. It's double booking
SAL (24 days ago)
Actually, many experts describe distributed blockchains as TRIPLE entry bookkeeping.
Kacey Gates (1 month ago)
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ava9oh1282000 (1 month ago)
Shut up twat
Justin Saulnier (1 month ago)
I wonder if john had beef gurewitch before? Like if you get this
Dan Crankshaw (1 month ago)
you REALLY gotta get into bitcoin john
Phasenwandler (1 month ago)
Could you donate some satoshi. I lost my Bitcoins due to a stupid mistake :-/ 122ayU3JUFzq1CbnkxFMWVNHm3mgJgSsnK Thank you very much
Tomato Potato (1 month ago)
Bogdan Szczerbak (1 month ago)
17:00 ☺
Dragon xSoul (1 month ago)
I take for my Calculations a very powerful app: "Crypto Investment Calculator". The app can calculate long term investment and with the wanted Percent Daytrades. She even has the live course of the respective coin. It’s at the moment only for android, but the programmer said: “We are programming this App in the next time for IOS”.
cynthia fig (1 month ago)
My bf recently met two guys in their twenties who are now millionaires from investing early in bitcoin. The guy who made out the best borrowed 10k from his grandfather. The other dude laments he only had two paychecks to invest. Says his kids see him as a failure.lol.
seumas Broderick (19 days ago)
but hey, go for it!!!
seumas Broderick (19 days ago)
perhaps these guys genuinely are millionaires for now. its possible they may also be complete douche-bag idiots. money in yo wallet does not equal being a valuable human being. that is for certain.
SearMetal1 (1 month ago)
Deep onon refers to the Tor browser, a browser used to navigate the deep web, Tor uses.onion insteadof .com, hence "deep(web)(.)onion"
God that fucking Cardy B joke almost killed me
Onkel Pappkov (1 month ago)
There once was a chick from Nantucket who was brought back to life from a nugget. It's now pressing bench with a thirst for revenge. Soon it's YOU who will be in that bucket.
Zach Sylvester (1 month ago)
You should join our crypto server https://discord.gg/FEqt9u8 theres free signals and giveaways.
Tigerwood Tigerwood (1 month ago)
I have several conversation with my China 🇨🇳 counter part. The Japanese its waiting for the bitcoin to down further I can’t remember the price. As far I am concern, once the bitcoin meet their requirement index. They will pump in hundred millions of $. As China will let go 50% off n Channel to another coin which nobody knows On Jan to Feb 2019. Lots of institution I have discussed nobody can give an actual answer. I won’t be surprised the coin might drop to $2000 as their indication. The biggest control might end up in Japan n China. We re monitoring .....just watch 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Oliver Løvmo (1 month ago)
deep onion isn't a stupid name for a crypto. it refers to most deepweb URLs end with .onion. you can use the crypto on some .onion sites.
John (1 month ago)
the guy on youtube ' celente branson ' has been deadly accuate with crypto.
Jack Fallon (1 month ago)
Blanche Larochelle (1 month ago)
Should we tell him what deep onion is for? Poor guy dosent seem to know
Max Lynn (1 month ago)
Lol I fucking love Michael Keaton. Now I know if I ever see him just yell out an interesting question.
Panzer Valkyrie (1 month ago)
“Annnnnnnndddddd it’s gone”
Crypto Niffler (1 month ago)
No risk, no reward. Besides...while they entertain you with empty shows like this, the big institutions are buying crypto behind the scenes. I dont know about you, but I'm paying attention to THEM. (They pulled the same crap when the dot com bubble happened. They spewed the same crap. Shows like this are for entertaining. NOT informing. Sure, they give you tidbits, but not what the big movers are doing. Keep that in mind. The worlds a stage and these puppets dance to distract the easily entertained.
Einomar (21 days ago)
Sure stranger on the internet... I believe you...
Panzer Valkyrie (1 month ago)
“Annnnnnd it’s gone”
Wyvern Apalis (1 month ago)
Bitcoin has no defined value, so it’s technically valueless
SAL (24 days ago)
Actually, the value is determined by the market, like how gold is.
Takım Ruhu (1 month ago)
Wow, BTC let me down. Trade markets like Coinbase manipulate with it. They only promote USDC, and offer to trade it with many others.
SAL (24 days ago)
Don't fall for any of the shitcoins out there. Bitcoin is king.
elmoisred616 (1 month ago)
This video feels a lot more poignant 8 months later here in December 2018... I had Bitcoin and altcoins before the boom and I held through most of it thinking it would continue to expand... lost a lot of money, or at least a lot of potential profits. Greed is perhaps the deadliest vice
Zer0 (1 month ago)
Did you know vanilla puddsies are a healthy alternative to chocolate puddsies?
Aditya Waghmare (1 month ago)
He Protecc He Atacc but more importantly *He BitCONECC*
Compilation Gold (1 month ago)
That cardi b bit is to funny
ianthevedge (1 month ago)
Dan from College Humor!
Dannyvirk (1 month ago)
It's all about laundering the cash.......
grandpagohan1 (1 month ago)
I LOVE this guy's enthusiasm!!
Alejandro Lopez (1 month ago)
Do cryptocurrencies pt 2
theshadowcult (1 month ago)
Problem is when currency value isn't tied directly to either the physical form it's in, or another limited resource... you know... like gold....
SAL (24 days ago)
+theshadowcult actually, it's too early to tell. Bitcoin is going through rapid growth (booms and busts). We will have to wait another decade or two before we can have an idea if it can store value as well as gold can.
theshadowcult (24 days ago)
+SAL Whether is was the original goal or not, it isn't the case now.
SAL (24 days ago)
The goal of Bitcoin is to be a scarce digital commodity (digital gold, if you will).
harry tippins (1 month ago)
Omg that's Dan from collegehumour
harry tippins (1 month ago)
When he was talking about Dan I searched up college humour and the auto fill said Dan

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