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Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Digital currencies are generating a lot of excitement. John Oliver enlists Keegan-Michael Key to get potential investors equally excited about the concept of caution. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Debasish Ray Chawdhuri (23 hours ago)
I am a blockchain technologist and half of what he said is wrong.
Mavis Hardy (1 day ago)
RIP Headphones user
SmartGames (1 day ago)
I love the fact that CollegeHumor's own Dan Gurewitch is the crypto guy at the LastWeekTonight office.
Marc Scattolin (1 day ago)
Kinda disappointed by the way John ridiculed EOS. From what I can tell it allows people to decentralize computer resources
Greg Carolan (1 day ago)
John Oliver, please do this show forever
ct phy (1 day ago)
Funny video. Everyone deeply involved at the time knew bitconnect was a scam for idiots. he was wrong about EOS tho, it actually has launched, is well respected and highly usable and if worth alot more than a billion now. Facebook even got fomo and is launching their own crypto in 2019, So is Russia.
MITUL PATEL (2 days ago)
Let me make it even perfect. Bitcoin schemes are not like Pyramid Schemes but it's actually a Pyramid Scheme WITH AN ACTUAL PRODUCT to add that vaguely absent entity long missing in Pyramid Scheme, Credibility. Now it's even better to fool everybody, cuz you can actually show some value to their blind marketing. And have/will I ever but one. No. But I would stand in the que like an idiot (like those before Apple store) if there'll every be a Mobile phone/Laptop/OS running solely on BlockChain technology with all software too running on BlockChain platform for its actual anonymity.
David Brown (3 days ago)
The Bitconnect guy seems like he just got off the set of Machete Kills Again in Space and forgot he needed to stop acting like he had just faceplanted into a kilo of cocaine...
Mr. Afifi (4 days ago)
John Oliver you are a very brilliant man!
jb888888888 (4 days ago)
Cryptocurrency = Dot Com Bubble.
Dragon born (4 days ago)
#craefulgang #craefulgang #craefulgang Also fuck you dan
chucky (4 days ago)
Youtube fuck off.. your search filter NEVER works.. I search for any time from 1 week to 1 month and I still get everything up to 4 YEARS !!!! fekking crap you are..I do NOT want to see all the videos I have already watched!! TED here I come.
John Forrester (4 days ago)
Nash exchange to the future, babeeh! Security tokens like NEX will pave way to a new cryptocurrency era. https://nash.io/referrals?code=31PBg1
Hooyahfish (4 days ago)
I own 250,000 dogecoin! Hahaha
oXiDe (5 days ago)
Cedric Calla (7 days ago)
And just like that, Crypto is essentially gone.
xware (7 days ago)
My little brother (9) recently started using the term “lambo” to refer to a Lamborghini and my ears hurt now
guy armoni (7 days ago)
Ben Dover (8 days ago)
Dan Gurewitch
Scott Swain (8 days ago)
Hilarious! And even more funny because EOS now has many decentralized applications built upon it that actually DO accomplish many functions and it's one of the fastest, most efficient blockchains there is. Pop over to https://coinmarketcap.com and look at it's rank, volume, etc. Then search the web for EOS related apps or dapps. Block.one made some super smart moves and didn't run away with peoples' money, as some feared might happen. They actually followed through on building the infrastructure they promised to build. To the layman, it's kind of like Bitcoin 3.0. To the more advanced, it's kind of like Ethereum 2.0 because it's more of an "operating system" than a coin or application.
Amin Harhara (8 days ago)
Who's here in 2019!
Chris Topher (8 days ago)
Just started the video before noticing the video was from 2018...All I could think was "kinda late, no?"
Celente Branson (9 days ago)
maybe crypto is what you need. Google " Crypto ChatterBot Newsletter " he has been very accurate with this calls. i think trump is trying to pull something with the USD, so its best to be prepared.
Weasle 65 (9 days ago)
Pump and dump scheme?
Jeremy Lelea (9 days ago)
John Oliver had everything spot on. Cheers to him!
Bisichis (9 days ago)
lemon lime spine would be a little dumber imo
Ravencroft (9 days ago)
Currencies were covered by gold in a vault, then Greenspan decoupled that and the $ got covered by debt and a vault full of I owe yous. The rest of the world followed suit. Company shares have inherent value, because they produce goods or services. They make a profit and give dividend to shareholders in return. Cryptocurrencies have no value because they are not backed by something physical like gold or debt and don't produce goods or services. To make a profit with cryptos someone else has to make a loss PERIOD. Pump 'n dump babey!
Santiago Productions (8 days ago)
You dont need it to be backed by anything. As long as people and businesses start accepting it (adoption) it will have value (and not necessarily in Dollars). Dollars are not backed by anything, they re just printed by central banks as they please.
Arthur Trauer (9 days ago)
Good luck with this shit. It will skyrocket up and down like any other pyramid scheme. If you have no remorse for the losers than you might do well. I don’t admire that. Agreeably the current FIAT currency based on nothing but faith is similar and equally as dangerous. When I was growing up, our currency was based on a very stable and fair gold standard. That has completely changed. Since then, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, dramatically. It’ll run its course and settle down eventually, but not until many get hurt badly. I’m not a fan of that mindset. It’s a perfect example of entropy: things start out simply and become increasingly more complicated and chaotic,... so chaos is the inevitable end result. Hmmm. Is that a good thing? I think not.
Venkatesh G (10 days ago)
This video was uploaded on 11th March, 2018. I watched it for the first time on 11th March, 2019. Co-incidicence? I think not. Maybe the Universe is telling us something.
Venkatesh G (7 days ago)
+Jules Ballard We are onto something here, aren't we?
Jules Ballard (7 days ago)
Weird. Same. Well, kinda. 13th for me, but almost exactly a year later, nonetheless.
Ricofico 72 (9 days ago)
if you google cryptocurrency today there's a ton of stuff jumping on the crypto coin game. Such as facebook and samsung!
Tzvi Eisenman (11 days ago)
Shout out to Dan from collegehumor
RJ Haney (13 days ago)
Wait, at 17:23, was that a Scientology reference?
Petra Jančová (13 days ago)
Keegan-Michael Key is awesome! #Responsibility #CraefulGang Yeah, the right and honest name for it is gambling. For real.
Charles Ci (14 days ago)
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umainebearman (14 days ago)
It warms my heart knowing so many people lost so much when crypto crashed and burned.
Ben (14 days ago)
Without a standard commodity, no currency has value, and our agreement that it does is fragile and dangerous.
Tiny Tim (15 days ago)
Deep onion is a pretty damn good name for a crypto coin it's a deep web reference I think
Alexis Rivera (15 days ago)
It is, its a reference to the TOR network's web browser.
Mateo Connelly (15 days ago)
Really going to disrespect PBS newshour like that
paul babuik (15 days ago)
Look up quadrigacx
EO Finance works with 2500+ currency pairs, including ZXChain
Jason Hanlan (16 days ago)
they had dan from collegehumor
Adarsh Ajai (16 days ago)
A few months later. Cardi B actually comments on the us economy and calls out trump. John Oliver called it
ЗJloukotuk (16 days ago)
123taggerung (17 days ago)
Michael Keaton is absolutely sauced in that clip.
Not so PG (17 days ago)
rockerchair (17 days ago)
Hey dan was a college humor guy right?!
Neyelson Alves (17 days ago)
#hodlgang #hodlgang #hodlgang
Tapiwa Nxele (17 days ago)
Its March 2019 and Eos is still going strong apparently.
SAL (17 days ago)
They raised $4 billion, but now the project is worth less than that.
Original Goose1 (18 days ago)
2:25 what’d that stinky Danny do?
SpartiuS94 (18 days ago)
What people do not understand is that cryptocurrencies are values based on two things: 1) People's agreed value of the currency. 2) People's trust in the blockchain network. Now here is where the problem begins, blockchain networks are only trustworthy when there is a huge number of nodes in it. While this is technically true for cryptocurrencies, it isn't really. The ledger is indeed distributed, but the blockchain hash power is largely centralized. See, the concept of blockchain means miners will create new blocks, the larger the number of miners, the harder it gets for an individual to get something out of it. Therefore, they *_pool_* together. Pools are groups of miners who work as one miner with great power and have better chances of mining things. Then they distribute the profit amongst themselves while the *_pool manager_* gets some royalty for managing things around. In Bitcoin, there are 4 pools that have 80% of the hashing power of the entire network. These four pools belong to the same group of people (a few companies in China that were one and had to split to avoid controversy over their large power). You may be wondering, why is this of any importance. And this is where it gets interesting, if you own more than 51% (lookup 51% attack on blockchains) of the hashing power of a blockchain network, it means you can rewrite the network the way you want. You can double-spend. That is, you can buy something, and once you get it, you change the network so that you've never given currency to the seller. Now, a few companies in China own over 80% of Bitcoin, if they want to change the network, they can easily do so. However, and this is the plot-twist. If they decided to change and fake records, the remaining 20% in coordination with Bitcoin managers can actually call those 80% a *_hard fork_* and basically spin off with a new blockchain that does not trust the 80%. This will declare the 80% worthless and their line of Bitcoin will drop drastically. But that's not fool-proof because blockchains are very fast when it comes to transactions. Therefore, those 80% would do the damage and gain the profits before being detected and cast out. When that happens, you can imagine how low people will trust the currency. There have been many attempts at fully decentralized currencies (both ledgers and miners) but so far they aren't very successful. Many currencies were built to be decentralized and not to allow hashing power monopolies, but very shortly failed because ASICs were introduced and average miners were cast out. Cryptocurrencies hype is already dropping because people were stupid enough to believe it's investment. It was never meant to be as such. Cryptocurrencies were never meant as stock. Only idiots believe so.
Crypto Hub (18 days ago)
I think Cryptocurrency still has a long way to go; and that it'll take companies that aren't supreme idiots when it comes to marketing, development, and finance. It seems most fail at one or more of these. I'm currently invested in The Nauticus exchange (NEX) and their NTS token. They'll be adding securities and FIAT gateways soon and I think that could really help regulate the space and make it more accessible and less malevolent.
bernard policarpio (5 days ago)
You assholes made blockchain technology a buttfuck joke. If youre not money motivated, then these nonscience douchebags will stay out while this technology develops. U made it slow down u dumbfucks.
WooTube Entertainment (18 days ago)
Nauticus should do well if the securities thing gets implemented quick enough.
MegaChickenfish (19 days ago)
19:00 So that's where the idea for Mark Beaks came from. They literally had a Ducktales episode about a guy who became a billionare by selling a hyped product that turned out to literally be nothing but hype.
Jimmy McJimFace (20 days ago)
There is a stupider name. Its called Chicken McFuckturd, and i am currently selling it
Hubert Vale (20 days ago)
How did the sleazebag hypeman avoid prison?
Youtube University (12 days ago)
Who says he did?
GhostCharacter (20 days ago)
his use of the word "space" reveals that he has a little more familiarity with this stuff than he affects
L J (20 days ago)
Was that dump coin advertisement sponsored by a politician? Jamie Diamond of Bank Of America just announced they are creating their own bitcoin. Yikes! What they are selling is speed and safety as an explanation for their decision. Being first isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Neither is being fast, especially when using other peoples money.
dbsk06 (21 days ago)
OMG! I watched that gushers commercial as a kid
Jerome Benedict (21 days ago)
Jesus this guy is such an uninformed douche.
Phreak Azoith (21 days ago)
hodling? aint that the singing they do in Bavaria?
holycrapchris (21 days ago)
As of Feb 2019, EOS is still around. Current market cap: $3 billion.
SAL (17 days ago)
So it's worth less than the $4 billion they initially raised... #notimpressed
DevilsBlood999 Jr (21 days ago)
Try not to forget that when it comes to cryptocurrencies a lot of the most legitament cryptocurrencies that people need to try to invest in are those that are linked to mobile device games and console video games are on PC games in these microtransaction Lobby's these cryptocurrencies like gold bars gems coins all these things are exploding and one of the main things that we're seeing is that people that play these games my have a full-time job and will buy more of the cryptocurrency to invest into the game so that you can be caught up with people kind of like the fomo where people have a fear of missing out they don't want to be behind the game that's been out for a certain period of time so they buy the cryptocurrency and buy their way into the game or at least up to the power of others that have been playing it since the release day 1. These cryptocurrencies could be some of the best 10 most sound Investments because for the most part if you're in it and if you're investing in entertainment that's one of the main things that most individuals under a certain class line invest in no matter what like Netflix Hulu or any other streaming faucet a video these other people play games and buy currencies and they invest in those games and enjoy themselves for the rest of us can invest in those cryptocurrencies and make money off them to play those games and enjoy just as much...sorry for the run on used my mic while at work...lmao
Joonha Shcal (21 days ago)
Cryptos remind me of the dotcom bubble. They are worthless and what they do is being terrible currencies. The technology is too new and blockchain's potential is unrealised as of yet. To anyone too young to know what the dotcom bubble was: new technology (internet)+hype+websites that don't do anything but talk a big game=A MASSIVE STOCKMARKET CRASH
Ahmed Ali (21 days ago)
I have been working in Blockchain technology for two years and I do agree with John Oliver. Pump&Dump, short selling, Ponzi scheme, front running, and even more issues with the bonding curves, staking mechanisms, governance models, etc. All of these are well know frauds in Blockchain world. The point is be careful when it comes to the business model of a blockchain company/startup ... read the technical white paper carefully, and the same for the business white paper, do some research about the company and the team who are working on the project (simply do your job before investing). Make sure that the source code is open source, and it must be open for public security audit. Otherwise you will end up with pure scam!
MWSin1 (21 days ago)
Hodlgang is my favorite Game of Thrones character.
M. Woller (21 days ago)
Money should never grow all by itself, no matter which kind.
Anantha Krishna (21 days ago)
Craefulgang Craefulgang Craefulgang Craefulgang Craefulgang Craefulgang, I don't really F with no blockchains (ooh).....
Bjørn Bjercke (21 days ago)
timmy timmytimmy (21 days ago)
Disturbing Symbolism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhJxEdyYBTc tara strong and the pony express connection sexy cyborgs/barcodes/&dans er matts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0dkwwV_iaw Axis Bank https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpPsH4HMuH8
hansmntfr (21 days ago)
as a fan of collegehumor I can only say of f*cking course is Dan
Paper St. (22 days ago)
How'd they get they Rock to appear @ the end?
Paper St. (22 days ago)
Sigh. I've OD'd only current issues...I need a dose of Oliver
Jackinabox (22 days ago)
What was that guy’s accent?
William Keisler (22 days ago)
2:23 Dan apparently works at college humor
2009Bandman (22 days ago)
The whole HODL thing just sounds like a scam to prevent currencies from deflating.
Mārtinš Vingris (22 days ago)
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Vlad Baje (22 days ago)
F u
Pinkbubblegum Pop (22 days ago)
Oh John. We love you so much !!! 💜
Mr. Losemaker (22 days ago)
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stephane Don (22 days ago)
Bit connectttttttt kk voye
Andrew Brunelle (22 days ago)
Damn, John Oliver nailed it. Bitcoin and other crytocurrencies went down. Way down.
Bertie Marx (17 days ago)
but EOS is still worth over 3 billion, and you can actually use it. there is not too many dapps, and better alternatives are already out there, but the idea proved successful. the real kicker will be when TON gets released later this year, or so I hope
tubeyoukonto (23 days ago)
Dan started in CollegeHumor and made it to Last Week Tonight.
Ventroid (21 days ago)
tubeyoukonto I knew he looked like one of the collegehumor cast
Alienshade (23 days ago)
Bitcois are evil! The way to make them is whery bad for everyone. Not the right way for the future...
chdreturns (23 days ago)
Get this corporate media bullshit out of my feed... John Oliver is a corporate hack... He isn't a Progressive so he's part of the problem... Fuck him and Republicans alike.
Alex Kirrmann (23 days ago)
Um no the dollar isn't just some random number everyone just agrees with. It's backed up by the US government, economy, etc.
Taxtro (23 days ago)
The real problem with cryptocurrency as opposed to centralized banking is the energy consumption. You pay for authenticity with electricity.
LordRavensong (23 days ago)
It's not the Wild West, it's the South Sea. The question is, who's our Walpole?
*2019 ?*
Evan AB (24 days ago)
Wow, did anyone else think the EOS dude was a failed Hollywood child actor before the fact was mentioned on the show? I was thinking while he was spewing is verbal blah and wondering what it was about him and that type of guy that is so obnoxious? I immediately thought, he looks like a failed Hollywood or LA childhood actor. Still acting like he is famous and so much better than all of us non straw hat wearers. I could totally see that dude hanging out with Charlie Sheen, Judd Nelaon, Paulie Shore and yes even Robert Downey Jr. (and not because Robert Downey Jr. is currently a failed childhood actor, but because he has the same look and speech. And if you put the above people on the TV screen, with maybe Benedict Cumberbatch, for a bunch of people to watch. All the while the Sesame St. song, Which One of These Things Is NOT Like the Others is playing, I can almost guarantee that no one is picking Robert Downey Jr. Hey that just might be my new Psych project hypothesis, or not. I'm sleepy now. Good show!
Evan AB (24 days ago)
Michael Keaton is AWESOME! I genuinely like him! Mr. Mom was epic. I even liked that Yugo movie about a US car industry being taken over by a Japenese car maker. Was it Yugo? I can't recall...
Zach Johnson (24 days ago)
All I know is that ending just reinforced one fact in my head. Peele needs Key, but Key doesn't need Peele.
BorisaRed (24 days ago)
The system loves pushing out bullshit for the slaves to get hooked on, dangling carrots. Ways of taking your money
BorisaRed (24 days ago)
the € or $ or UK pound is worthless, its just the belief in it that makes it "real"
BorisaRed (24 days ago)
and anything on computers is not safe, there is always a back door into it
reaktor55 (25 days ago)
Companies skyrocketing just by adding "blockchain" to their names indicate how little investors bother to research lol
Gamepro5 (25 days ago)
TITcoin lmao
The Garden of Eatin (25 days ago)
You know what, Michael Keaton is cool.
eddiequest4 (25 days ago)
Keegan-Michael Key became tiresome faster than anyone I've ever saw before. 5 seconds is a record in my book.
Swampcat (26 days ago)
You’re show has a cult like following just like bitcoin. The only difference is bitcoin is worth something. Your show is useless garbage.
Alexander Innes (26 days ago)
not really. The US dollar has value because of 18 aircraft carriers, 1.5 million people under arms, a 200+ yo court system and the largest economy in the world. "full faith"
Simon Fogel (26 days ago)
Dumdums looking for anything to moon are the ones who get burned. Buy a couple hundred worth of Bitcoin or Ethereum and go on an exchange with it after doing some basic research. Buy a bunch of altcoins and then sell at a 2-3% return, unless you made a wrong decision it will get to that point eventually and if you learn on the go it can happen quickly. Rinse and repeat. If you don't put money into it you can't lose and don't treat it like a shortcut around an honest living it's a fun little side income because it's so liquid and so volatile that a random bounce of luck can put an extra $50 in your pocket, and if it doesn't you shrug it off, the instructions to buy or sell only at x price are pretty easy to figure out. Like any speculative bubble you have to do some homework beforehand and on the go and go in cautious before you make a big risk and have safer income sources backing it up. Crypto can make you tidy money if you're not a chump.
Shaheer-S2 (26 days ago)
I cant sing, dance or play an instrument, but does anyone want to start the Woofles with me?
David C (26 days ago)
Crypto currency is a scam and people who fell for it made a few people rich for like ten seconds lol
Riley Sickler (27 days ago)
PayPal me some bitcoins 😂
Hayden Cavanaugh (27 days ago)
HODL means Hold On for Dear Life

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