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Let's Talk About Grin | A Simplified Review of My Favorite MimbleWimble Cryptocurrency

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Grin is a digital cash that aims to be a scalable privacy coin that has no addresses, no amounts, and is therefore less storage intensive than other privacy coins and cryptocurrencies. It is a MimbleWimble implementation MimbleWimble video https://youtu.be/UQeo_kBf4Jg Grin Wallet Guide https://www.coingecko.com/buzz/how-to-use-grin-wallet-to-send-receive-grin-coins Grin Mining Guide https://www.coingecko.com/buzz/how-to-mine-grin Grin website https://grin-tech.org ╔══╗ ╚╗╔╝ ╔╝(¯`v´¯) ╚══`.¸.[LamboLife] Subscribe & Enjoy visually stunning videos centered around all forms of crypto technology. ▶ Social: http://twitter.com/lambolifeof https://www.linkedin.com/in/lambolife/ https://www.instagram.com/lambolifeofficial/ https://www.facebook.com/lambolifeofficial/ ▶ Tip me $$ https://tippin.me/@lambolifeof ▶ Buy Crypto on Binance https://www.binance.com/?ref=21727827 ▶ Buy Crypto on CEX https://cex.io/r/0/up110173307/0/ This video is not intended in any shape or form to be construed as financial advice. LamboLife will not be liable to any damages incurred by watching this video. Keywords: grincoin, #Grin, mimblewimble grin, #Mimblewimble, grin wallet, grin blockchain
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Text Comments (16)
Omnipotent Being (14 days ago)
Damn, that $3000 Obelisk GRN 1 is now over 20k. It projects profits of between 200-500k per year depending on the price of Grin. If you ordered three of these bad boys, you will become a multimillionaire just off the passive income from GRIN mining. That doesn't even include hodling it or trading for bitocin. Damn
Run full nodes on your mobilephone? Could you share the link of App?
ToRqC (2 months ago)
U sound filo as bro
JR JR (3 months ago)
Great video, thanks for your contribution.
MrFatilo (3 months ago)
Why Satoshi didn't think of it? Because it's fundamentally flawed? Network splits will be a nightmare, and although little information is stored on the blockchain that allows transactions to be traced, the network itself is fairly easy to monitor. In that sense a protocol like Monero offers much more reliable privacy and thus fungibility. Emission scheme of Grin is also not the best choice in my personal opinion.
Grinfordummies (3 months ago)
Unmake Your Mind (4 months ago)
When Grin goes it will fly so much harder than BTC.
Breno Silveira (4 months ago)
XMR for digital value, grin and arrrr for day to day use. By the way, what do you think about arrrr? and why i have to run a full node of XMR to get full private features?
Breno Silveira (3 months ago)
@MrFatilo I don't know.
MrFatilo (3 months ago)
Why not run a MW chain on top of Monero, that way you have the rigid security and privacy of Monero as base protocol and a very efficient fast sidechain.
MrFatilo (3 months ago)
@Zen Crypto In Monero it doesn't matter that the transaction is logged (that's the whole point of the blockchain...), since it doesn't reveal any information about the transaction other than that it was made and originated from a certain IP. No source, destination or amount is revealed.
Breno Silveira (4 months ago)
@Zen Crypto make sense, thanks, I'm learning a lot with you and your videos, thank you very much.
Zen Crypto (4 months ago)
I honestly haven't looked into arrr. As for monero, running your own node is important because your computer verifies your transactions yourself instead of letting remote nodes do it. Those remote nodes may be able to log every transaction you make that passes through them. Not that you'd normally expect them to do that, but if they do that compromises your privacy. It's better to broadcast your transactions to the blockchain yourself.
B M (4 months ago)
Buy Grin! Remind me of this comment year 2025. It will be legendary and i'll become famous.
Bjorn 'Dutchy' (3 months ago)
You're right, but it's almost a open door you're trying to kick in ;)
Zen Crypto (4 months ago)
I sure will :)

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