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What's Going on with Cryptocurrency? - Let's See!

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Max's Brandy Review (1 year ago)
Look at the price of silver buddy. We have been going through price manipulation for years. Welcome to the sandbox you are living in !
Crzces (1 year ago)
I've heard $2200 quite a bit which seems insane to me. I thought it was a shot in the dark to put in some orders at $2501 but hey, what the heck. Under $2k? That would be a surprise, but again, unless Trump stood up and said "Bitcoin is unAmerican and you will go to jail" I'm not going to worry in the least. Just a bunch of people worrying or having money they really cannot afford to risk in any way shape or form beyond a certain number. Bad for them, but very good for everyone that wants to pick up things at Walmart open box prices.
Joe Marshall (1 year ago)
News moves markets!! Today Charlie Lee Tweeted some good news for $LTC, now if the rally will continue. We need three things to happen to keep the party going1) Shorts to keep covering2) $BTC to continue its rally3) Folks that are under water with $LTC to not sell into this rally, and new buyers coming in
David Novosartov (1 year ago)
I agree so much with your trading view opinion
Robert Diggins (1 year ago)
We are cattle to the USD trillionaires who run our Intel agencies and government through blackmail and donations.
Robert Diggins (1 year ago)
Those with large holdings can be compromised, as we already know the majority of our government is. We live in the Hoover Days on steroids. Can we break them? Seems like supporting crypto with investment and dev support is a good way to try.

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