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Lets Talk Cryptocurrency and Hang Out - Experty Giveaway - Ask Me Anything

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CryptoKing760 (1 month ago)
Can you show us your aquitas trading results on your next video?
The Farm (1 month ago)
What do you think of GRAFT? I'm participating in their Alpha testing.
Xuei (1 month ago)
Couldn't be happier to hear about your Cardano video upcoming, lay it on us man!
gareth isaac (1 month ago)
I think that the dip has scared most average Joe investors away from the market and that most of the money that will come into the Crypto space will be from large institutional investors . The average Joe will not pay a fee to convert their pay into a cryptocurrency which may rise or fall to pay for something . The only use case i see at the moment for cryptocurriencies is sending money abroard
Gary Dowling (1 month ago)
Thanks Crow! You have a good looking family there.
Andries Kaden (1 month ago)
Had to put it of before you put me off my food. How can any one go onto youtube, make a video knowing thousands might watch it and keep on spitting. I am sure you must lose quite a view viewers doing it. I am gone.
Mike Smith (1 month ago)
I'm with you on all the nonsense in the space. It's very annoying and the XRP people have made me want to dump it for ADA and go all in with ADA. Good analysis on the next bull run. Peace.
Joe Murphy (1 month ago)
You'd better not mix those 2 bottles up!! Lol
koit (1 month ago)
Yeah more recaps please - visiting old vids to see if your predictions/investments were good or bad.
Thom Fantom (1 month ago)
Mate get a good sleep for your self...you got a black circles under your eyes already.dont worry you wont miss that bleedin bullrun. ;)
CHIEF 555 (1 month ago)
Hey Crow, let me know what you think about MMO Coin.......It's mainly targeted for the gamers but it seems very cool.
Colzc blah (1 month ago)
Crypto crow i got to agree that the intro song is very annoying, very repetitious. Don't mean to insult cause a lot of production value went into it though i do cringe and skip it every time. Good content though :)
KryptosChain (1 month ago)
Just fast forward past the song, I always do that :-)
Mike Smith (1 month ago)
It would be fine if it ended at 0:22, but he leaves it longer so people can read the disclaimer. But it's not needed. People can pause it to read if they want.
yimeksmex (1 month ago)
The space was always going to be owned by wall st.
Paul von Gassmann (1 month ago)
You will never buy coins this cheap once the cryptocurrency market is introduced to the world markets, stocks, bonds, hedge funds the prices will be a sad memory. 'Sad' because you didn't buy enough coins!!!
Mike Smith (1 month ago)
+Crypto Crow I hope XRP, ADA, VET and HOT are the ones that take off.
Crypto Crow (1 month ago)
Completely agree. The question is, which ones will be viable at that time and move forward while the rest fall to the side?

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